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The NDRC’s Final Showdown, held in December 2017, some felt, was truly the final showdown. Based on mutterings from people in the know, the NDRC would no longer host events at Vernamfield.

This tangible fear was laid to rest when, prior to the final blip of the throttle, an announcement declared that the NDRC would maintain a presence at Vernamfield and as such events would still shred the 1320 in 2018.

But that was then. Like the speed of the Regera, things move at a rather rapid pace.


Based on what was made public by the NDRC, drag racing will abandon its Dubai suite at Vernamfield and engage a part of the island not known for theaters of speed.

What Clarendon has lost, another enchanting parish on ‘the rock’ has gained.

Portland are you ready? The NDRC and its proponents of orchestrated speed will, in 2018, set up shop at the Ken Jones Aerodrome.

Portland, adrenaline overdose awaits! Are you ready?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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