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Is it beyond reality’s realm to accept that our drag racing/motorsports Mecca – Vernamfield – has abandoned us? Hilary Jardine and others could speak to Vernamfield’s revered relevance in Jamaica’s motorsports history. I have seen images of happenings at the spot which, even though they were arrested by the mundane black and white technology of the day, the feeling derived from the visual experience delivers unhinged joy in more vivid colours than a score of rainbows!

Have you ever seen a  Ford Escort, the iconic Mexico, in beast  mode? Vernamfield has seen it all! Vernamfield’s history is one which requires accurate documentation. The feats enjoyed there should be collated and made available for future generations to explore – thinking like a museum of some sort. But that is just a thought.

So, you are a doubting Thomas. Scamming has left you searching for trust and you do not readily accept provided information. I hope that excerpts from NDRC’s press release will allay your fears.


Test and Tune 1 scheduled for March 11, 2018 and Full Throttle 1 scheduled for March 18, 2018 (at Vernamfield) are both cancelled. The 2018 NDRC drag racing season will begin with Full Throttle 2 on May 30, at NDRC Speedway@ Ken Jones Aerodrome. All events in the 2018 NDRC Drag Racing Championship series will be held at NDRC Raceway@ Ken Jones Aerodrome.

Portland! It is your turn to bring 30lbs of boost!

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