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We have a tendency of watching movies and relegating them to entertainment only. But, ever so often reality ensures that a cliche steps forward – art imitates life! No one will be naming their child Novichok.

F1′s first round has exited Australia but even the experts are grappling to assemble the appropriate words which will adequately account for the travesty of justice which occurred in Australia!

I listened to Nico Rosberg – who is visibly burden-free and exceptionally happy with his current seat in life. He literally struggled, to outline in simple language, how the driver who was neither the best on the day nor the fastest, won the race!

Enough assessment has surfaced and several things are abundantly clear. I listened to Vettel’s post race comments and he indicated that what unfolded was actually discussed prior to the race. So, like a Boys Scout, when that which was imagined adopted real presence, he was prepared and knew exactly what to do!

Is it true that Mercedes experienced a rare and unusual glitch in their impregnable matrix – software issue?


Lewis Hamilton who was clueless with regards to what struck him on track, was still at his wits end after the race. Poor Lewis, but he more than anyone else would accept that racing is devoid of emotions and the Fat Lady has a tendency of executing random selection and at the Australian GP Vettel’s name came up.

Vettel benefited from HAAS’s demise and the subsequent virtual safety car. More importantly, however, Ferrari’s unyielding tenacity and superior race-management, like a pimple, came to the fore (in Australia).

Hamilton lost a race in a gut-wrenching manner. Vettel got lucky, grabbed the lifeline and drove to victory.

Hamilton is a solid competitor and his resolve will be quadrupled at the next round. Ferrari and Vettel watch out!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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