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This is not cricket, but, Doug Gore will confront his first test on Sunday, April 1, 2018.

Ignore the attachments to the date, the seasoned, multiple champion is definitely no fool and his repertoire of accomplishments speak to his prowess behind the wheel.

Whether by design or coincidence, Doug Hollywood Gore has maintained a dominant presence in Caribbean motorsports and he is an avid proponent of pushing the envelope. He will willingly inform you that his first race car was no beast, but since that time he has been the captain/pilot/wheelman of some savoury machines.

When the Evo was King, Hollywood retained a ferocious whip, relentlessy whipping the opposition into submission. David Summerbell was forced to consult Doug to get a look in on some of the winnings! Remember that?

David Summerbell as we all know, wears an authentic  brand of pride which remains restless unless victory is secured. And if rivalries were documented consistently in novels, David vs Doug would be an all time best-seller!

We  owe them a tremendous debt and possibly, in the near future, the JRDC will respectfully, publicly award these two stalwarts of the sport for what they continue to do.

But I digress. Competition pushes and at times, rips the envelope to shreds. We have seen Doug’s Slowboy Evo – MACHINE! Summerbell responded with TA 1  - MACHINE! Doug’s response? Audi DTM TT-R – MACHINE!

The devil’s plot intervened – both machines contemplated suicide at Jamwest! But competiton’s flame cannot be extinguished. Summerbell went Radical. Doug Gore went all out – purpose built Kia Rio race car!

I spoke to Raj and if what he told me is accurate this machine might just be the most AWESOME machine to attack the 1.6! Sorry Burger King!

The Beast is here. The Beast is hungry! The machine is ready. Qualifying is on Sunday. Is Doug Gore ready? Doug Gore’s first test is this Sunday!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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