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Multiple World Champion Sebastian Vettel is in a no nonsense mood. It seems as if during the off season he grabbed a bottle of Determination Pills and ingested the full load.

We will hurriedly admit that Vettel snatched a lucky break in Australia. Defending World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, was the class act in the field. But, we also know, that motor racing at this level operates on various platforms.

What occurs behind the steering wheel, which requires the driver to be swimming in his sea of skills to deliver at his best, is just a minute aspect of what determines the outcome of the race. Arguably, the most important aspect of the race occurs on the pit-wall and in the tech support departments, which at times are nowhere near the track!


So, in Australia, Vettel fought without pause and when an opportunity presented itself, his astute team executed an unforeseen trick which propelled him to victory. Lewis Hamilton is still fuming.

Unfortunately for the World Champion, Bahrain offered no comfort. Ferrari, equipped with aerodynamic upgrades was the machine to beat all weekend. Mercedes tried but could not extinguish Ferrari’s flame.

Lewis Hamilton, it was reported, was lucky to finish the Australian GP – hydraulic issues. The subsequent gearbox change meant the World Champion was pushed to P9 on the start grid in Bahrain. P9 held no love for the social media star when his arch rival Vettel was sitting honored at P1.


So, it was always an uphill struggle for Lewis but the viewing public benefited from his plight. Fortunately we got a cracker of a race. The jostling was ceaseless. Red Bull imploded – both machines out almost simultaneously! Hamilton brought a heated knife to the butter fight! He scythed through the hapless pack – executing a still-talked-about triple overtake in the process – P3! We saw Hamilton locked in attack mode and we enjoyed it.

But, the maestro on the day was Vettel who remained focused on P1 and despite Mercedes launching Bottas into fight mode with pit strategy adjustments he was still no match for the knight aboard the scarlet horse.

Vettel escaped Bottas’ late assault in Bahrain. He leads the championship. China’s 5.4 km circuit will dispense the next battle this Sunday. How will Mercedes respond?

Any bets? Will Vettel slap three in a row? Will the defending World Champion fire back? One thing is certain – the battle will be fiercely fought!

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