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The dominant complaint, which like scandals to governments, has followed F1, relates to the evident lack of abundant overtaking. The dominance of one team for multiple seasons has also been a sore point.

The 2018 season has seen the back of three races thus far and if you are a fan who suffers from respiratory ailments I am certain you were pushed to the absolute limit during the races!


Vettel has left the blocks locked in race mode. His scarlet demon is up and running and he is making a good case for the championship. When he landed in China he had victory number 3 parading in his machine’s crosshairs.

Qualifying spoke volumes for his preparedness – he snatched pole despite torrid competition from his teammate.

When the race began Vettel maintained his poise and went in search of win #3. But race scripts are never written and each driver has the same goal in mind – P1! Verstappen needs an intervention!


In China there was a repetition of what we saw in Australia, but, with a different beneficiary. Ricciardo visited disaster’s apartment during qualifying, but he was rescued by his team’s yeoman effort.

Ricciardo wears a wide, permanent grin and if given an ample bite of the win-apple he wrestles without pause to secure the entire tree! A safety car (SC) moment gave Ricciardo the bite he was waiting for.

The position of the Red Bull machines on the track, at the time, gave them the opportunity to leap into the pits. And if you doubted the significance of new, sticky-when-hot rubber, Ricciardo selected TUTOR!

Eager, controlled, daring and at times forceful overtaking was dispensed from the Bull’s turbocharged nuclear reactor! Ricciardo in HD in China! Ricciardo grabbed his Bull by one horn and drove fear into numb world champions. He captured P1!

So, Vettel was denied three in a row. I am pleased. What is happening at Mercedes? Bottas will not be a world champion? How did he allow Ricciardo to bully his way to P1? Get it? Where is his ruthless demeanor? Senna and Schumacher are fuming!

Calling Lewis Hamilton! His 2018 season has not began as yet! An adrenaline shot for Lewis Hamilton? No victories yet? Defending World Champion, where are you?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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