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I am of the view that my sense of humor requires a psychiatric evaluation! I am still beside myself, grinning ceaselessly, thanks to events which unfolded on the European football stage last week. Soccer/ football remains a sport which cannot be played on paper.

You will have the better team on paper – but guess what – on game day, if your galaxy of stars does not show up to illuminate your fortune, a regular team, devoid of brilliance, but motivated by the will to win, will kick your @#$%^&*&^ to the curb!

Scientists unearthed this rumbling fact – on game-day – the ground/earth in Spain shakes each time the fans celebrate a Barcelona goal. Do you want to guess what the response was like after the Roma game last week? Lol!

Is it even necessary to comment on Manchester United’s woeful display against bottom of the table West Brom? I wish I was clairvoyant and had a wad of cash on that game! JustBet get whe!

Responsible speed is my thing – I digress no more!

A case study will be conducted by a worthy professor with too much idle time on his erudite hands – What is happeneing in the 2018 edition of F1 thus far and why?

Concerned? No. I am not. Truth be told we might be witnessing F1′s new golden era. When rules are being drafted policy makers seek to meet myriad objectives. But, based on what has unfolded thus far I am forced to ponder if F1′s governing body has struck solid gold!

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