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So, India has finally reacted. Moving forward if an individual is convicted of raping a child under 12 years old -  the death penalty!

I was not a part of the elite group, but the information provided and the snaps taken will entice the appetite of every motorsport fan who resides on the rock. I have always celebrated what ATL Automotive has accomplished on our automotive landscape. And similar to what the cellphone wars of yonder years produced, dealers are forced to up their game in order to remain relevant and competitive.

Another German Monster was introduced recently. It is a machine that has been mentioned on these pages and it is AWESOME SAUCE without the GCT!


The Mercedes Benz AMG GT R is here! It is Green and it plans to raise Hell! Mr Stewart, Silver Star Motors and the crew – you have outdone yourselves on this one. Can a test drive be arranged? LOL!


It was not difficult for Stevie Wonder to see that drag racing is the most popular form of motorsport on the rock at present. The NDRC grabbed the discipline by the horns and delivered satisfaction each time an event blasted along the 1320.

A multi purpose facility exists in Little London. It was designed to extract any amount of speed your machine is capable of. It was initially built to house drag racing demons, but has since adopted the fastest circuit racing track in Jamaica and it also boasts a tourism-based theme park. It is definitely the home of the quickest 1320 in Jamaica.


A new outfit is stepping into the drag racing promoting and executing pool. This weekend, April 28-29, at Jamwest Motorsports Adventure Park, KEN-T RACING SOLUTIONS  will enter the fray with an event labelled DRAG RIVALS!

The individuals at Ken-T Racing Solutions are not strangers to the inner workings of drag racing – they are active and consistent competitors. As such they are fully aware of that which appeals to petrolheads.

Drag Rivals will occupy two days of intense, fierce, boost-induced and n/a derived, speed-insanity. The usual suspects – machines built to frighten speed – are expected to be in attendance.

Extended qualification, is at times, the source of unforeseen delays, which ultimately affects the quality and the duration of actual racing.

This will not be the case at Drag Rivals. Qualifying is scheduled for Saturday April 28 and on Sunday, April 29, all issues will be resolved by immediate pedal to metal decisiveness. Launch control will be maimed. Boost will be glorified. Naturally aspirated motors will be relentlessly urged to defy the unfair odds and when the rubber settles after the boastful burnouts, hopefully, the smiles from the endearing fans will be blatantly visible.

The lessons have been learnt. Drag Rivals is not a discourse designed with a ‘hobby attitude’. KEN-T RACING SOLUTIONS is fully aware that racing is an expensive endeavour. As such, competitors have a ‘bag a cash’ to collect if their machine achieves finalist status!

As we would say – MONEY A DASH WHE A JAMWEST!

More to come. But, bear this in mind – DRAG RIVALS – this Saturday and Sunday at Jamwest!

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