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Codeine? Nigeria? Why?

I am having a difficulty coping with the rapid influx of motorsports activity! As if by detailed design, the pace at which these events are unfolding, insist that adequate planning is engaged if one intends to scream present when the register is called.

KenT and his click wrapped up a successful dive into the race-event arena at Jamwest recently. And before the track goes cold, another flight will land in Little London this Saturday.

I make no apology when I state that I am overly excited – like a child at Devon House on a crisp Sunday afternoon – when our Caribbean brothers make the trip to this the best country in the region. Yes, this fact they will willingly admit, without duress. Red Stripe beer does the trick . Ask Obama!


At a Caribbean Motor Racing Championship event (CMRC) we are greeted with a plethora of machines. Each machine will be adorned in its own battle garb – boost/natural, but adequately equipped to wage brutal, victory-claiming speed war!

Teams from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados and the Cayman Islands should be in the building. The Jamaican contingent, led by Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg’s Marauding Radical, is aware of the pompous intent of the aliens, but preparation instills confidence – WE ARE NEVA SCARED!

So, bring it – we will defend it!

The race-car carrier will land its final speed haul at Jamwest on Friday. Never overlooked Рthe motorcyclists Рled by the other Kyle (Reynolds), will be repping the two wheeled monsters. And if nothing else is certain, Jamwest Speedway was designed and built to allow machines Рsport bikes -  to scream to any level that their 19,000 rpm limit can sustain!

Choose a top speed – 160 mph? It can be attained along¬† Jamwest’s extensive Start-Finish straight! Balls of chromoly required! If you are in doubt, assemble where we do, close to the end of the Start-Finish straight. I assure you, you have never heard better mechanical harmony! The cure for whatever ails you! She left you? Come to Jamwest and revel in speed’s caress! Lol. I am not joking.

Jamwest! What’s good? Shyian! Are you ready to host the Caribbean’s Speed Games?

Are you a lover of all things speed oriented? Are you loyal to the Jamaican cause? Do you bleed black, green and gold? If you embrace the Doctor Bird your presence is required at Jamwest Speedway Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13!

Will we see this machine?


My only regret?


Dear Beast – get well soon! We anticipate hell when you return! Incidentally. Mr Stewart. May I borrow the Green Hell this weekend? Please, kind sir?

But – All wheels should be rolling to Jamwest this Saturday – qualifying and Sunday race day!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer.

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