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Based on the available evidence – If you had a secret would you tell Victoria? While you ponder, consider this. If F1′s GP in Azerbaijan was a film, The Avengers : Infinity War, would be wrestling, hopelessly so though, to exceed the ‘dough’ that the GP would, like a trawler, haul in!

Yes, I am fully aware that The Avengers packed a bag with over $600 million worldwide, but I sit beside my stance that the Baku Round would emerge as the supreme superhero!

The race, by all indicators – left and right – was that good.


Ferrari is obviously in the league that was previously occupied by Mercedes. Vettel’s mettle remains resolute in qualifying and the machine has the legs to dispatch Mercedes from its pedestal.

But, the facts do not obfuscate reality. As uncertain as rain in the Sahara, the outcome of the 2018 races, thus far, remain undecided until the black and white exhibits its celebratory twirl.

In Baku, arguably the most poignant factor in determining the victor of the race – the safety car – made its mega-mashup appearance in the closing stages of the race. And a driver who was previously mugged and battered by a superior adversary was chosen and a race-win gift- wrapped and presented by a grid-model!

As suggested earlier, drama was omnipresent at Baku. The commentators were forced to retort with an assortment of pronouncements, all displaying heightened approval for that which was been pleasurably witnessed.

It was a crash-fest? Possibly. But who is complaining? Alonso, Raikkonen, Force India, Haas – all drivers/ teams bitten by the callous, but beckoning street circuit.


Apparently a SOS was dispersed and Ricciardo’s interpretation led him to believe that the race needed a Red Bull! His inner being decided that 1 was insufficient – the race needed 2 of the Austrian born energy drinks!

The commentators felt it. They thought about it. They spoke about it. And they eventually saw it. It was obvious to everyone that the 2 teammates, jousting at Autobahn speeds, was a recipe for disaster. Their fears were realised, when Ricciardo, propelled by team-rivalry and victory’s magnetic appeal, gave his teammate the wings he lacked – Red Bull  Gives You Wings! Both drivers flew out of the GP with a total points haul of zero!

In an earlier blog, I made mention of the fact that the defending World Champion – Lewis Hamilton was still in the blocks with no  victory in his 2018 account. He is somewhere now, on one knee, thanking the obese lady!

It was a crazy race indeed. An epic edition? Possibly. But, when everything is silenced – this cannot be erased – Lewis Hamilton grabbed one and the war at the top of the table intensifies!

Vettel failed – again – when subjected to undue stress.

Verstappen is my type of driver. Never yield. Leave that to Bottas!

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