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The defending champions Germany ambushed. Giants of the sport, Ronaldo and Messi sent packing on the same day. It was the plane for Spain. Brazil rose and avoided the embarrassing trend. Belgium survived a Japan-led scare and produced a rampaging run in the dying moments. The 2018 World Cup finals continue to deliver excellence.

We have acknowledged that Verstappen has altered his usual puerile stance. In 2018 there were obvious signs that maturity has been embraced by the youngster and there is no doubt that his racecraft has benefited significantly from his posture!

Mercedes grabbed the padlock and locked P1 and P1 on the grid. Vettel had to settle for P3 but a senseless act – interfering with a competitor – booted him further down the grid.


Raikkonen, at the start of the GP led a revolt against the Mercs, charging at them like an enraged bull. They survived, but with Hamilton in front, followed by Bottas. Verstappen selected force and eventually pushed his way pass Raikkonen.

But, the Austrian GP was a gremlins parade. Machines that are not known to fail claimed attention. If you are a fan of misfortune the Austrian GP had enough to spare. A Renault motor thought it was dynamite and blew up!

The Mercs did not consult Lady Luck prior to the GP and they suffered for it! Pole-sitter Bottas sidelined due to a reluctant gearbox and while leading, Lewis Hamilton’s machine decided that fuel was no longer needed – DNF! These are rare occurrences for Mercedes and we do not expect this to become the norm.

Verstappen welcomed the gift, managed his tyres and drove to victory before his adoring fans.  Raikkonen earned P2 and Vettel avoided more dismay by wrestling his way to P3.

The race began with the Mercs 1-2 on the grid. It ended with both Mercs in the DNF bracket, Verstappen winning, Vettel – P3 and the championship lead changing again. Vettel regains the lead by one point. One point is nothing in the scheme of things, but it provides ample motivation to fight. And fight he (Vettel) must.


Verstappen is on the rise? Hamilton and Vettel should watch out?

Interesting GPs ahead!

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