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Are sharks on the prowl in New York? Apparently 2 children were attacked by sharks on beaches on Long Island. Reports state that a tooth was recovered from the leg of one of the victims!

We have no reports of shark attacks in extra warm, drought-infested Jamaica but it is evident that sharks of a different kind are roaming circuit racing waters!

The Caribbean Motor Racing Championship revved into Trinidad and Tobago recently. Honestly, I was not keeping up with the happenings, so I was not even aware of the volcano that erupted in the southern Caribbean.

My darkness was elucidated courtesy of a post on by

“So none of you gonna speak about the CRAP Doug did down there?  Just let it slide…

Not this time.  He embarrassed us as a nation.  Hope the JMMC and JRDC will finally set an example of what happens when you think you are can do anything and get away with it.

Fair time now”.

Curiosity triumphed and I went in search of the CRAP that Doug did.

Jmcn R in his response to the views expressed by defended Doug’s actions and launched a veiled missile at was not pleased. He was incensed!

“Who are you?  Unfortunately I have no clue who you are, so can’t comment further on what your motivation is to defend Doug in this instance.

It is for exactly the (that) reason that I reside and compete in another country why this stupid (big normal) act of Doug needs to end in him being banned for (from) the sport.  He had 6 or 7 infractions to the JMMC Codes/Regs which individually are bad and collectively are a disgrace.

No matter how you ask it up, Doug needs a break from the sport, and a wake up call…”

In the first post stated – “He embarrassed us as a nation”. And then this sizzling oddity appeared in the second post – “It is for exactly the (that) reason that I reside and compete in another country”

We are all fully aware of who is. But, we are also conscious of the fact that we reside in an age where, allegedly, Russian hackers thrive. But, if these posts were actually the work of the real I would recommend that, in the future, careful consideration is exercised before public pronouncements are disbursed. held a rather powerful motorsport post on these shores. I spoke to him on several occasions during his tenure. He had good intentions and he was willing to put his shoulder to the wheel. But, he was possibly misguided and he executed overly ambitious designs. Recovery is still being sought years after his departure.

And it was evident then, based on his actions, that despite what his position dictated, he did not maintain a neutral atmosphere whenever the name Doug Gore appeared.

Think, pause and think again.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Espionage in motor racing unfolds to change the variables at stake. The jackals rattle their teeth.

  2. Christopher McFarlane says:

    Hi Cecil here. May I recommend you contact me for some FACTS related to your above post, and in particular your 2nd to last paragraph. I’m sure you will find the details a real ‘irony’.

    Thanks for sharing the other details however, as I believe they needed to be out there.

    Hoping Facts still matter in Journalism.

  3. cmunroe says:

    Welcome sir. Facts are the only building blocks we use and hopefully a better motorsport product will be constructed.

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