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At the CMRC event in Trinidad, in June,  multiple CMRC Group 4 champion, Doug ‘Hollywood‘ Gore had what I will describe as an out of body experience. If you are familiar with Doug ‘Hollywood‘ Gore, chances are you are also familiar with his usual flamboyant, jocular demeanor.

So, watching him display TNT tendencies, as he did, to an on-track incident, provides enough evidence to conclude that, clearly, he was overcome by forces which even he could neither comprehend nor control!

As time elapsed, composure was retained and apologies surfaced from both Doug and his team. The damage done could not be shelved though and in a sport which has an established framework to address the errant ways of drivers/teams we knew that a process would commence and the penalties would be applied.


On June 29, 2018 the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC) issued a release which indicated that the body was investigating on-track and off-track incidents involving Doug Gore at the CMRC event in Trinidad. The document was signed by the Co-Chairman of the Competition Sub-Committee (CS) Stephen Gunter. My discomfort was immediate.


A disciplinary sub committee of the JRDC met on July 4, 2018. The committee determined that ‘Hollywood’ should be fined $50,000 (JA), placed on probation  for a year, removed as the JRDC’s representative to the Caribbean Motor Racing Association and a public apology should be made.

Doug Gore and David Summerbell Jr have been rivals for more years than Google’s search engine can account for! Their battles, which dispense explosive ferocity, with an intensity that only C4 can rival, have created factions of cult-like followers at Dover Raceway.

At times, the bouts and the implications they maintain have led to rather bruising encounters. We can readily and vividly recall numerous incidents involving the machines driven by Doug and David. But, none prior was as devastating as the assault at Jamwest Speedway which saw David’s TA 1 dismembering Doug’s DTM Audi.


The JMMC’s CS Co-Chairman, Stephen Gunter has been a permanent fixture as David Summerbell’s crew chief throughout the duration of each heavyweight title fight involving the two champion-drivers. Stephen Gunter is David Sumerbell’s crew chief.

The hearing to address the matters relating to Doug Gore’s conduct was held by the CS on July 7, 2018. Stephen Gunter sat in his capacity as Co-Chairman.

The JMMC’s CS ruled that – ‘Hollywood‘ should be fined $1000 (US), he should perform community service at 4 schools, he should be placed on probation until December 2019 and arguably the most significant penalty – ‘Hollywood’s‘ competition license will be suspended for the remainder of the 2018 calendar year with immediate effect.


Doug Gore, after TA1 demolished his race car, went in search of another potent beast to defeat and upstage the ‘King‘. The machine – a Kia-bred BEAST – thanks to a gang of unfortunate circumstances, has not seen a lap in full-rage mode, but its debut is scheduled to occur in 2018. Stephen Gunter is still David Summerbell’s crew chief.

Did it not occur to the JMMC that Stephen Gunter, despite his post he should not have been a part of the process to determine the penalties to be applied to Doug Gore? No one saw the radioactive conflict of interest?

There is this little thing about justice that Lord Chief Justice Hewart made mention of more than a century ago – “Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.

Impartiality is paramount. And in this case/hearing relating to Doug Gore, Stephen Gunter’s involvement builds the platform from which the argument may be stoutly made that impartiality was compromised!

Do you think Doug Gore was treated fairly?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Tribalism reigns supreme as the operatives show the stakes at play for the real development of motor sport especially circuit racing where the stakes are no longer the proverbial David and Goliath syndrome. Sitting in the driver seat of the Audi DTM and having someone rear end a part of the car loose making two pieces and not one can only be reminiscent of what coming close to death prematurely and needlessly obviously feels like. As they say walk a mile in my shoe before any dismissive attempt for what is really at stake here. A high stakes game with real loose canyons firing – the jackals usually operate a controlled effect for desirous result and what really are the stakes at play here. Grandstand seats please for this demo derby nest level of engagement for what outcome in this virtual single polar reality. Can we transfer virtual simulation at will to Wallersfield without any real unintended consequences.

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    As a journalist , please specify and verify S Gunter is still in the capacity of crew chief since accepting the post ar JMMC.
    It is incumbent on you to provide more and all details of the incident to ask the public to cast judgement on an judgement that has been shrouded in mystery, with bits and pieces being presented.

    I will categorically emphasize members of the racing community value their integrity and reputation above all else.
    Please provide evidence of facts which would dispute the decision of the COMMITTEE would be different had D Gunter NOT been on the COMMITTEE.
    As a journalist, YOU tell us if it is fair for you to be presenting such a shallow piece and incite public defamation of a man character.
    Who else was on the COMMITTEE?
    What was findings of the TTSA ?

    Mark Roberts

  3. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Mark. Are you not aware of the fact that Stephen Gunter is David Summerbell’s crew chief?

    The details of the incident are readily available for all to see on a very popular and well known platform – YouTube.

    If you read and understood what was presented it should be abundantly clear that questions did not arise relating to the integrity of the gentleman (or other members of the racing community).

    The focal point of the issue is simple – matters relating to a race-car driver were discussed with a view to levy the appropriate penalties. To ensure that the flag flown by justice remained unfettered, the interest of the governing body would have been served, if individuals who are either competitors of the accused driver or directly connected to competitors of the accused driver were removed from the process.

    If you have a difficulty understanding this I will be forced to conclude that you are not interested in clarity.

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