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They kept saying that he was a rallycross novice. HA! LOL! He might not have been entirely familiar with the machine and the track at which the event was held – COTA. But, we on this side have seen the repertoire of skills the lad from the TRU JUICE orchard wields when he jumps in his machine.

Rallycross is a blend of asphalt and dirt/gravel – surfaces on which ‘Frazz’ has done more than enough slaughtering. He has reigned at Dover – asphalt and he delivers the same treatment in rallysport, on dirt/gravel stages.

Should we admit that he has a unique advantage? He has a network of dirt/gravel stages in his backyard! Lol! Novice?

Was it surprising that he was fast out the box? No. Fraser McConnell landed in Texas and possibly boosted by the presence of rally icon Jeff Panton and supported by his family and the Moodie crew, he established himself as a Clear and Present Danger on the big stage.

When the dust finally settled aggressive jostling kicked him from the podium. Rallycross is, unlike other forms of motorsport, a well loved contact sport where machines banging against each otherĀ  is commonplace. As such the final ruling by the stewards was not surprising.




Well done ‘FRAZZ’. We enjoyed the inclusion of the Jamaican flag!

Should ‘Frazz’ learn a few dirty tricks?

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