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Ken T, watching the build up to your event - DRAG RIVALS - at Jamwest on September 30, with keen interest. Your group is the official Comedy Channel – hilarious content. Jamwest prepare – war is on the horizon! Big up Maxhptuning – d man seh 8s! Spinbarrel and d Feelings Form? No sah! Lol.

Will we see a Spinbarrel vs Roland grudge race? Hailings Roland, no one can question your dedication to the quest for speed!

Mr Palmer (2NR) – caan believe yu sell the machine! Now war a go gwaan n u caan join! Lol! Hailings Bally – Scientifically engineered FD2!


Complete the following – If horse racing is the sport of kings, motorsport is the sport of………….

And the irony of the day – Everyone wants to go fast, but no one enjoys buying gas (petrol)!

The WRC’s Gravel GP – Rally Finland is a savory treat for insatiable rallysport fans. But, for WRC teams, the required romp on the treacherous rally stages can be compared to ice-skating on a sheet of extra-thin ice with genetically enhanced sharks assembled below! If you slip beyond the meagre stage-limit you will be subjected to a driver-cringing, raucous, forest-hug!

We have not yet mastered the art of manufacturing emotions but, cameras still do an awesome job of capturing passion!


No tow truck required! Lol!

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