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Who said Christmas is in December? Circuit racing and Dover Raceway are never far from motorsports discussions on the local scene. And with the recently concluded Independence of Speed the conversations, like turbocharged power received a major boost.

For reasons available on anti-social media, David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. was missing in action on August 6th at Dover Raceway. Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, David’s arch-rival and the driver of the yet to be debuted BEAST, was also m.i.a.

Did their absence affect the quality of racing that descended on the 1.6? The answer varies based on who sits on the respondent side. Lol.

Discussions have a choreographed way of unearthing gems which cause you to stop, pause and celebrate, what I will refer to as an inherent greatness, which scientists, try as they might, cannot reproduce in any present or future laboratory.

We will continue to seek the appropriate words to capture the essence of the man who is Dean Corrodus. Say what you will about the St James resident, but what cannot be debated is his longstanding affair with motorsports at all levels.

Dean Corrodus’ stash was tapped recently. A jewel that would leave Kay speechless was released! We saw icons at work. The drivers seen in the video all retain legendary status on Jamrock’s motorsports landscape, but, at the end of the race, one is forced to submit to the obvious – David is ‘The King’ Summerbell Jr!


Senna – take notes! Lol.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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