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Salubrious Mandeville is one of my favourite places on ‘The Rock’. As I ascended the Winston Jones highway on Saturday August 4th, I saw two Dover-bound machines on a wrecker. How did I know that they were going to Dover? Call it professional assumption!

I am familiar with both machines. A rather industrious segment of my brain added that some time in the past I saw the Evo being dressed for race-duty close to Manchester Shopping Center. Race-day was rapidly approaching.

I claimed superior knowledge and informed my colleague that they were possibly on their way to the track and they would travel the Spaulding route to St Ann. Obviously I had no way of knowing this – professional assumption – again! Lol.


Prior to that weekend, things were not not looking up for neither the JRDC nor the Independence of Speed event. There were rumblings everywhere that would rival Port Royal’s jolt of 1692.

A new board was established by the membership of the club. It was felt that with the baton being passed to fresh legs, legs which boasted successful business acumen, everything would be up and successfully running in short order.


If the unexpected is expected, is it still unexpected when it materializes? Mr. Doug Gore was banned – for the remainder of the calendar year! Something was expected, but not that!

When next you see an army of ants parading purposefully, militarily aligned in a single file, soliloquizing strength in numbers, use one of your given fingers and insert a line across their path. If you are a fan of mayhem, the visible confusion which results will be devilishly satisfying.

Not by design, I hope, but, the JMMC’s ruling was the ‘finger across the path’ of the JRDC’s plan for August 6th. The subsequent chain reaction has created divisive wounds.

The recently appointed body will have to get its act together to prevent further acrimony if it intends to negotiate around the impending implosion. A word of advice – no cost attached -  stay true to the mandate that was presented and be respectful of the membership.


Doug Gore was banned. His participation on August 6th was reduced to zero. And if that was not enough, the JMMC reprimanded and fined Mr. David Summerbell Jr. Mr. Summerbell failed to pay the thick fine. His participation on August 6th was also reduced to zero!

This information occupied the public space prior to race-day and was vociferously entertained on anti-social media. August 6th’s Independence of Speed was revving towards colossal failure.

The Toyota Wish ambled up the marl-strewn path. Before the climb began I gathered my thoughts. I knew the parking lot would distribute the first tale. The parking areas closest to the main road did not allay my fears – were evacuation orders given?

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