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Lewis Hamilton is the defending World Champion. Entering the Russian GP, Lewis sat comfortably at the top of the table with a yawning points gap.

Bottas, for reasons he might not be able to explain, acquires exceptional attributes in Russia. He was in a lion’s attire in a field with hapless sheep. The defending champion was upstaged in qualifying. Not a feeling he is familiar with.

The race did nothing to alter Bottas’ dominance. Bottas drove with purpose and was obviously seeking victory.

Hamilton’s race, despite stern effort, had him marked for P2. Russia was Bottas’ stage and his was a commanding performance. But Mercedes GP decided to insert F1′s dirty secret!

Bottas was in the lead. Hamilton is leading the World Champiobship – with a more than significant lead. Bottas’ hopes and dreams were inexcusably mutilated by the team!

Bottas was instructed to allow Hamilton to pass to P1. I understand the ramifications, but I do not agree with that which was executed. I am still in the corner of winning battles on the track – fairly – not courtesy of team orders!

After the race Hamilton referred to Bottas as a gentleman. This was said by the Lewis Hamilton who made deliberate attempts at underhand tactics to thwart Rosberg’s championship!

Would Hamilton be a gentleman if the situation was reversed? Lewis Hamilton? Lol!

Considering all the factors, it was a disgraceful act!

What do you think?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Anthony says:

    Do you understand the meaning of the word TEAM?
    Before you write rubbish, acquaint yourself with the rules of the game, and how its points are allocated and structured.
    Mercedes and Hamilton can have their 50 point championship lead wiped out in 2 races, there are 5 races remaining.
    You are over your head and drowning.
    Go to an all inclusive and write about crab racing.

  2. OCP says:

    Formula 1 is a joke, not competitive in the least and very boring to me as a viewer, I watched the MOTO GP at San Marino and was at the edge of my seat with the daring overtaking of the riders. Might as well the F1 cars be remote controlled.

  3. I am a staunch Lewis Hamilton fan and my opinion is that the position should have been reversed in the last few laps. If for some reason Hamilton was to end up losing the championship then he never deserved it in the first place.

  4. errol parkinson says:

    Earlier this year Bottas who was running P3 allowed Hamilton by to secure his lead over Vettel. Hamilton then let Bottas by on the last lap to score P3.

    Before you heap scorn on the gentleman Hamilton please be fair to him.

  5. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Anthony! I will not walk the path you have chosen. Instead, I will do what I usually do, introduce wisdom where ignorance is a permanent fixture. So, here goes, sir.

    Can you recall reading this in the blog? “I understand the ramifications, but I do not agree with that which was executed. I am still in the corner of winning battles on the track – fairly – not courtesy of team orders!”

    Possibly you had a difficulty understanding what you were reading in the blog. I am sorry if you did. This is the advanced group. My apologies.

    Try utilising an unbiased approach and possibly, through miraculous means, the cobwebs will disappear from your rarely used brain and your critical thinking skills will be enhanced.

    I am a fan of the sport and as such I am entitled to show disgust if I feel cheated. And we were! Again – “I understand the ramifications”. But while I am drowning, consider this, which is more exciting – a race to the finish or a realignment of positions by the pit-wall to determine the winner.

    I prefer a REAL race to the finish. Call me stupid.
    Oh, I will think about that all-inclusive thing!

  6. cmunroe says:

    Welcome OCP! I feel your pain. Lol! F1 has its moments though when drivers lock horns and the pedal to the metal derby ensues. What we saw in Russia was reprehensible. I am aware of all the implications if the call to Bottas did not come, but what unfolded leaves a sour taste Who wants a sour-tasting sport?

  7. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Garfield! I am a fan of motor racing with emphasis on the actual racing. F1, as it is today has lost a lot of its lustre. Orville said “might as well the F1 cars be remote controlled”. Can you argue against that when the Team boss is the individual who determines who wins the race? We want racing!

  8. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Errol! Errol I am in no way throwing scorn Mr. Hamilton’s way. And if you are frequently on these pages you would have known that Mr. Hamilton is my driver because of his ruthlessness and his drive to win even when his machine is not the best in the field – Monza.

    But, the Mr. Hamilton we all know will yield to no one if the championship is at risk. Can you recall how brutal the Nico vs Lewis era was? Why didn’t he reject the team orders? He has done that before.

    He displayed huge chunks of discomfort after the race. Where was the discomfort when he went by Bottas? Errol, do not be deceived!

  9. errol parkinson says:

    Neither Messers Vettle, Rosberg or any Driver if the Championship is a risk.

    Rosberg was a cry baby. In the incident you referenced Lewis was willing to let Nico by. All Nico had to do was catch up with him and pass him. Nico instead wasted his time crying to the wall, Lewis is not stopping.

    Then Management switched the mechanics giving Rosberg an unfair advantage to take the 2016 F1 championship.

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