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Your life can change in an instant – Naomi Osaka. Read on the ‘Animal Farm’ – “Life is the lock – determination is the key” – Lightning Bolt! Will he strike again? I would not bet against it! His drive has no comparison – all wheel drive? No, Bolt-Lightning-drive!

At the Independence of Speed, like the rising sun, the IP and MP classes shone with life-giving brilliance. The on-track duels were evenly disbursed and like gladiators on the Roman stage, pride was defended with calculating aplomb.

The industrious discourse after the event, via a Dean Corrodus-led initiative – he has disappeared though – lol -  confirmed the inextinguishable passion for the sport.


Arguably, the most dramatic moments of the event were captured when Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg and TOTAL’s Andre Anderson locked horns. It was a territorial dispute which saw Andre cornering Kyle with a flurry of boost-filled jabs. The fans were stunned.

Psychotic, but joyous tendencies germinated. Pandemonium grew like an invasive weed.

Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was not swayed though. He did not lose what Jeffery Panton has – Focus. Andre’s plots were rebuffed. Mechanical misfortune and a proven platform – Radical -slaughtered the Evo TOTALly!

Misery visited the insatiable fans. They were confused. Their needs were met. They were trapped in a strange room they were not used to occupying! They reluctantly departed from Alfred Chen’s gift, obese from the buffet-style, no-limit, exorbitant portions of adrenaline that appeared on the 1.6 wide plates at Dover Raceway!


At an event that saw no Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and no David ‘King’ Sumerbell, the excitement factor  was diminished in no way. Some would argue that it was enhanced because the spotlight remained steadfast on other drivers.

Truth be told though, an undeniable transformation occurs in the tempo of a Dover event, when David’s and Doug’s machines are fired and readied for the grid. No debate accepted.

Doug Gore, recently, while racing, dipped in his human bag – he erred. He complied to that which was required of him and thanks to, whoever you chose to thank, he returns to the track on Monday. Expect a euphoric surf-wave of deafening excitement at Dover on Monday.

Doug Gore will not be travelling alone though. Like a God of Asgard, he will be wielding a KIA-BEAST like no other. Competition pushes the envelope. Doug’s BEAST, if its potential is realised, may stomp on, crush, then shred the d… envelope!

I spoke to crew chief Raj Jadusingh. The machine successfully completed its testing and is in th e process of being readied for its debut at the 1.6. It will be at ground zero today – Saturday (Oct 14th).

Obviously, a lot is expected of both driver and machine. Will we be patient? NO!  We want to see the machine snorting, growling and roaring, full-tilt to corner one,volcano-like fire-eruptions exiting the ‘spout’ in its ventilated bonnet! . Will it leave Kyle and company in its vapor-trail?

Money well spent should guarantee cornering prowess that would belittle F1′s best. And its straight-line speed should silence Christian Von Koenigsegg!

Doug has an ace up his sleeve though. His nervous anticipation before the battle-cry will be subdued – he does not have to worry about David Summerbell. Lol!

Who will emerge as the real hero of speed? Andre Anderson? Kyle Gregg? Doug Gore? International star – ‘Frazz’ -  is back?



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