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Lewis Hamilton and friends are in the land of the free and the home of the brave at present. Will he depart from Texas with #5?

His arch-rival’s early season bonfire has been reduced to an embarrassing, innocuous  glow from a mosquito coil! Are you willing to put good money on Vettel triggering any form of upset? I would not, but I would thoroughly enjoy being surprised!


One Tiger – Woods – has found his pair of winning shoes. The other Tiger – Doug Gore’s Beast – will have to return to the drawing board before a successful search and conquer mission is accomplished. Effort – A. Victory – sitting in the waiting area.

Drifting and drifters are not held in the elevated esteem I think they truly deserve. In most forms of motorsport, walls are the enemy. They are to be avoided at all cost!

But, in the world where drifters are Prime Ministers and Presidents, calling all the important shots, a wall is a thing of beauty, especially when it is adorned with the remnants of violently separated rubber!


A drifters resume, if he excels in the field, is laden with feats of obnoxious oversteer and sublime 2-way-lsd choreography. And ever so often, at several tracks, fortified walls appear. These structures are not necessarily designed with the ‘soft’ features of a NASCAR-type wall.

They are immobile grizzly bears which will lay a sly bait and when carelessness visits the cockpit, the wall will appear. Its embrace can be devastatingly quick and the resulting impact, will announce, with Mighty Crown’s volume, the sudden end of the drifters participation in the event.

Do drifters fear the source of their imminent demise? No! Absolutely not ! On the contrary, walls separate the real men from the counterfeit!

In drifting, walls are adored. The best in the trade will see the wall as a bull summoning a fight. And when the machine is humming its 9000 rpm, 1000 whp-note, that same wall will be taken for a dance!


You are a doubting Thomas? Watch FD’s recently crowned 2018 Champion James Deane and his teammate, Piotr Wiecek, grab the wall and shake it like a thoroughly-mixed drink!


Luv those machines!

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