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So Samsung unveiled the next ‘need to have’ gadget – a folding phone and a tablet in one package? Ok.

We live in a global resort and thanks to our geographic advantage, we are a quick jump and hop from the world’s most economically advanced and powerful nation. We are fortunate that we are at liberty to enjoy the fruits of our proximity.


Domestic and import machines went to war in Maryland recently. The 1320 speed games and the turmoil involved on various levels will not dissipate any time soon. Speed is addictive and arguably contagious.

Jamaicans will be left behind in no race – Usain. Our Speed World Cup will occupy Little London this weekend! We brandish the ‘I am #1′ attitude in everything we do and the 1320 provides the perfect platform for arguments of speed or lack thereof to be settled. “Think you bad? Watch da gap ya whe u a go get!”


At the 3rd installment of Drag Rivals, the weather was not invited to the planning meeting and as such it intervened with  a snail’s determination – Speed was apprehended and eventually arrested by persistent rain.

But Ken-T Racing and the team’s gracious sponsors remained conscious of the commitment of both drag racers and the spectators. And in keeping with that recognition Drag Rivals IV materialised.

At Drag Rivals III some racers were able to , like a proficient sniper, hit the intended target – most notably ‘Swiffy’ (Ian) and ‘Bally’ (Ruel) drank from success’ golden cup. Obviously there is a lot more than pride at stake.

The King of the jungle – the ‘Lion’ – aka Dwayne Porter, was nowhere to be found at Drag Rivals III. Was he hiding? Cowering in fear? Will he be present at Drag Rivals IV?

We have seen images of the beast being readied. Goodies from an overseas trip to enhance the performance? The Lion’s target is an elusive one. The transition from 10 seconds to the purified 8 seconds air – a nu bwoy business! The ‘Lion’ has a lot to prove – if he exits his den! Wet skin awaits! Lol!

The west’s sledgehammer – Buju – cruised to 9 second’s door and paused. The machine is utterly insane – a Buju – whe u expect? Will he rock the H and slam a 9 seconds pass? It is evident that the machine has all the ingredients required for that goal to be achieved and based on what we saw 9 seconds is only a solid run away!


You need to see and hear it now – K? Boost?


‘Drigzy’? What happened at Drag Rivals III? That story requires a 60 Minutes investigation! Lol. But, Drag Rivals IV provides redemption!

The classes, we know, remain packed with possessed machines – Mandeville! Cory should be leading that band of gladiators! The 11 seconds class may be a done deal! Lol.

In drag racing, ‘ bag a chat’ does not appear on the time slip. You have to show up and run the time. If you fail, you will be forced to transfer the war to InstaLive! Lol!

So, what should we expect at Drag Rivals IV? Meticulous racers have their machines already dialed in. What was shown at Drag Rivals III by those who got the opportunity to drop Shock and Awe along the 1320, will have to prove that their animal/mammal/creature of choice – ‘Whale’ -  is no one hit wonder! Hit songs from a proven catalogue of speed must be revealed if honor is to be maintained!


I toured the paddock at Drag Rivals III. I saw machines that would scare a NHRA Funny car! I saw Weapons of Mind-boggling Speed! Are you a disciple of the launch-control faith? Are you transported to a special, ‘high’, gratifying place when a sublime-shifting, 35lbs of high-powered boost machine attacks the track? Jamwest will host all of these machines on Sunday!

Incidentally, Roland’s machine resides in an asylum zone – 70lbs of boost! With his reputation at stake he will pulverize every cylinder in the first book in his bible to erase his 16 seconds state of affairs!

N/A, BOOST or BOTTLE? If you are greedy – a combination is an astute choice. They will all be at Jamwest on Sunday – November 11th! But if you are smart and the fact that you are here is evidence that you are – you might want to catch the machines in action on Saturday!


Any surprise being planned by the boss? A 4Piston Racing upgrade?




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