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Jorge Lorenzo is a five times world champion. He is as smooth as a mirror and victory is his friend. Jorge Lorenzo is not known to shrug and run when a significant challenge appears. At Yamaha, his team mate was the global superstar, Valentino Rossi.

Average blokes would possibly be intimidated and stunned into submission when ‘The Doctor’ stepped in the room or roared out on his machine, but not Jorge. Rossi was forced, repeatedly to submit to Jorge’s designs  and at times he (Rossi) had to grab P2 because it was the only alternative available.


Why Jorge left Yamaha for Ducati is still a question pundits still grapple to answer. The Ducati was not the scalpel the surgeon required. It was an explosive machine with unhinged characteristics. It was felt that Jorge would be bitten by savage bugs as he tried to tame the reluctant beast.

And for the most part, that was true, but in time, Jorge successfully wrestled the Italian ghoul and dragged it to P1. Truth be told the Ducati had and still has thumping speed.

Marc Marquez is the current world champion – 2018 MotoGp boss! Marc Marquez’s entry into the big leagues was laden with expectations and he did not disappoint. Have you ever seen an animal trainer at work? An easy task it is not! That is what, some would argue the HRC machine was like when Marc rode out on his various campaigns.


Marquez taming the beast was a welcome sight for bored eyes. It was overwhelmingly pleasurable to watch him wringing the neck of the machine as it broke free and threatened to instigate whiplash settings!

The machine consistently sought to initiate contact between its front and rear sections – Marquez was forced to wed his bag of tricks in order to inhibit such an occurrence.

Marquez is an extraordinary warrior, he is Rambo – ‘strapped’ to decimate when he rolls out. He is forceful. He is brutal.He is a crafty, calculating, selfish, cold-hearted agent when he is immersed in a race. We adore his attitude.

Marquez detests losing. His legacy thus far has seen the championship leave his clutches once. Who did he finish second best to? Jorge Lorenzo.

Jorge Lorenzo rides for Honda in 2019. MotoGP will be in turmoil. The apocalypse is on the horizon. We rejoice!


One word – salivating!

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