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Kingston College was always the better team. That was obvious on paper and all the analysts agreed. But, we all know that the game is not played on paper. STGC began like a canon on a 15th century battlefield!

The goal eventually came – an upset was materialising! STGC greeted half-time with the lead, but they did not return with the same fire. KC seized the moment and captured STGC’s style of play – the equalizer followed!

Consistent with what was predicted, STGC had True Grit – a second goal – a brilliant header silenced the purple squad! STGC fans were eyeing the Cup. And then, it is my view, that here is where the game capsized for one of the 2 combatants. KC discarded a sitter early in the encounter but the consequences were neither immediate nor dire.

For STGC it was though. Leading 2-1 with a minute number of minutes left on the clock, a-shovel-into-an-empty-goal moment appeared – STGC shoveled it to the sky. Moments later a rampaging KC slammed the equalizer 2-2!

The final whistle was on its way – the dreaded penalty shootout was imminent. Or was it? At 90 minutes plus 1 KC rattled the net – KC 3 – STGC 2. The final whistle made the pain unbearable for STGC!

How did they do it? KC was swimming in defeat. An analyst said it would be a game of who wanted it more. It rained today. The drought came to a screeching halt. Motto manifested – The brave may fall but never yield! A well-deserved win for KC!


Jamaica’s reputation is no joke! We are held in high regard worldwide. And everyone knows that when we show up, they better watch out – bobsled? A tropical country? No winter?

Rallysport, we have always embraced and we have been fortunate to see some awesome sauce machines singing on their rev-limiters and engaging all wheels as they wrestle with treacherous Stages.

Rally Jamaica was a spectacle, an orgy of WRC-type machines positioned next to a plethora of Caribbean creations – all vying for supremacy within the region. New Kingston would come alive like Mardi Gras, on the eve of the event and at the end of the event.

The machines would be ogled, adored, touched by the curious and simply enjoyed for what they represented.

They would then dive into battle – literally and after 2 solid days of bruising rev and romp, John Public – who could not endure the ‘spirit-filled’ atmosphere and the jocular camaraderie blatantly displayed at the various vantage points on the stages – would have his Sunday dinner and then blast to New Kingston or the waterfront to witness, first-hand, machines worthy to occupy any stage on the WRC circuit, entertain with precision only known to surgeons!


Enthralling action that we could never get enough of.

What is Rally Jamaica today? A shadow of its former self? On Saturday, December 1, 2018 Rally Jamaica – a secret well-kept – will rev away in Bog Walk. Will it be even 1/4 of what it once was? You will hear about it.

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