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As I had promised, I passed through Rally Jamaica 2018. I was not disappointed. I saw what I expected to see. Gone are the days, as I lamented in an earlier blog, when Rally Jamaica was a spectacle, a highly anticipated occasion, an epic event, a way of life, a lifestyle. Rally Jamaica was the signature event which would bring the curtains down on a year of rollicking motorsports. That is what it was.

On day 2 of the muted event, I visited the machines before they attacked the day’s Stages. I was informed, prior to my arrival, that the grid was comprised of less than 20 cars and consistent with rally norms, the attrition had already began – aiding and abetting an already mournful situation.


I will highlight the positives though. Eye candy – both manufactured and human were blatantly visible and that was comforting. Kyle Gregg’s pristine Evo IX led the Evo charge. A few Subarus littered the service area, an iconic Ford Escort, Whitty’s Levin, Nigel Wilmot’s inspired Suzuki jeep, Thomas Hall’s Lancer, Bobby’s machine and Joel’s wounded charge – I was told it had recovered from its brush with failure on Day 1.

Harold Morley did not break tradition. Mr Morley is known for repping some ‘ssiicckk’ machines and at Rally Jamaica 2018 he maintained his elevated bar! Mr Morley was sporting a Porsche 911 RS – Machine! And if that was not enough, Mr Morley was flanked by a stunning lass – his navigator.

I observed. I listened. I was dejected. The drivers and teams who made the effort and competed should and will always be commended and gratitude must be shown for their effort. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg, when few obstacles arise, will soar and that he did at Rally Jamaica 2018. Stephen Gunter had a wet tale to tell, a victim of his driver’s youthful exuberance.

In its current format Rally Jamaica is the domain of the die-hard fan and not the mushrooming explosion it was years ago. I miss that and I sincerely hope that there are individuals with influence who will take an interest in restoring the event’s lustre. The Caribbean’s most prolific rally driver – Jeffery Panton -  carried his circus elsewhere. Why?

Can we learn from our neighbor to the east?


We miss the real Rally Jamaica!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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