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Virgin Galactic is now on an outer space level. After 14 years, Sir Richard Branson and his team accomplished a moonstone (milestone). One of his toys successfully blasted into space. His rocket-powered jet kissed the Earth’s outer limits, soaring 80 km above the Earth’s surface. Space tourism – at a cost of a mere US 200 gs – boarding at a gate near you!

The race cars are silent, chilling in a designated spot while the inspired owner/driver contemplates the recipe of modifications to apply to ensure the annihilation of his pompous rivals. ” Next year a different ting!”, his mind shouts!

We are rapidly approaching the final lap of 2018 and unless you are a drag racer, your hopeful but challenging season has seen its final checkered flag. Jamaican motorsport is trapped in transition with some disciplines suffering from a plethora of maladies which would easily pummel ebola!


The drag racing juggernaut – the NDRC – has adopted a curious volcanic classification. In 2018 we had a better chance at winning the super lotto than attending a NDRC organized event. We were fed a frustrating diet of uncertainty and ultimately, like empty promises, nothing of significance materialised. Is the organization Active, Dormant or Extinct?


The JRDC should receive a medal for its commitment despite the atrocious financial sphere within which it operates. Unlike the NDRC, the JRDC is not homeless and as such it is my hope that astute minds will assemble, adopt a bold approach and employ the measures which will ensure that cash – like manna – will fall into the dominantly red bank account!

I will digress no further. The 1.6 in St. Ann, our Disneyland of speed, continues to honor its founder’s intent by delivering epic encounters. It has somehow slipped under the carpet, but, it will be stated here. In a year, in a season which saw NO DOUG vs DAVID, the quality of the on-track happenings was diminished in no way shape or form.

On the contrary, it can be argued that their absence left more than enough legroom for other competitors to jump on the big stage and claim their time in the spotlight.

Yes, Doug made an appearance, but he only confirmed what everyone knew – neither driver nor machine is fully equipped to battle the 1.6. Work in progress. We eagerly await the progress.


Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg needs no introduction. He is a tried, tested and proven champion. Some would argue that he is next in line to occupy the throne. Would the ‘King’ be comfortable with that? We will see what 2019 brings. Lol.

The team and the machine that Kyle has at his disposal, put him in a position of dominance even when Doug and David rev to the grid. If it reads B D GREGG and BROTHERS we all know – a nu play ting! So Kyle is the man!

Andre Anderson on the other hand, if we can allow honesty to enter the room, resides in a different outfit. Andre plays an integral role in the continuous development of the machine he brings to the grid.

Prior to the Heroes of Speed in October, I saw Andre on the ‘Chiney’ toll. He was in the passenger seat of the vehicle which had a trailer attached with the TOTAL-machine aboard. For reasons only the race car could explain, the passenger door (of the race car) released itself from its lock mechanism. Andre exited the vehicle and addressed the Popcaan-like (unruly) behaviour.

The machine was possibly nervous, justifiably frightened by the experience at the dyno and the  torture that it would endure to deliver its manic driver’s command -  stifle and terminate Kyle! Lol.

If you were a patron, you would have seen it. If you were not present, you would have heard about it. If you watched it, you can watch it again. In Race #2, at the Heroes of Speed, held in October at Dover Raceway, Andre Anderson and his TOTAL machine led the euphoric affair. It was an uber-anticipated bout – it was the Thriller in Manilla – it was The Avengers Infinity Stones! Did I say it was epic? Well it was!

Andre Anderson and Kyle Gregg fought relentlessly. It was a battle which forced Kyle to recalculate and access an inner being. Andre had him on power-sapping ropes, torturing the TEXACO-Radical and coercing it to accept defeat.

But, Kyle knew that defeat was not on the menu. Like a panther stalking its prey he remained patient. And then it happened. Pandemonium – like C4 – exploded! What happened?

It is my view that the winner of the Race of the Year is the Thundersport Race #2  – Heroes of Speed (October 2018).

Due to the vibrant expressions of my Jamaican brothers and sisters I am shackled and unable to present the video of the race here. But, I can do the next best thing…lol. Please see 876 Streets’ YouTube channel – Thundersport Race #2 Heroes of Speed October 15, 2018.

Which race was your race of the year?

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