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So I told my niece to call her Aunt. I listened. I heard nothing. So my curiosity prompted a question. Did you call her? “I am calling her on the watch. It’s the same thing,” she says.

There was a time when a watch had a sole purpose – to tell the time. But, like time, the watch has changed – Hello? Hello?

I made a definite attempt to inform you. If you were absent from ‘church’ you have one individual to blame – ME – (when read it applies to the reader – duh!).

The words were passionately flung. Nothing was left unsaid. The battle cries were vociferously audible. Even if you were ears-blind you could not escape the frothing wave of information which announced that combatants would be armed and seated in the congregation on Sunday, Dec 30th.

It began with Genesis, but no one expected the arrival of Revelations!

Roland Crawford retains an impeccable reputation for making drag racing enemies. He has not mastered the art of humility. But, Roland is a resolute drag racer who consistently maintains a fleet of high-horsepower, low-et-potential race cars. His machines are giants in the whp department. However, uber-hp, bordering on or exceeding ‘a gran’, students of the sport will tell you, is a single quantity in the equation.


If you exist in Jamaica’s drag racing circle you should be familiar with a specific facility which exists off Old Harbour road. It is the birthplace of many devastatingly-quick Honda machines. At that place, far removed from the empty barrel, ego-boosting chatter and idle distractions of the city, Oniel ‘Likkle T’ Henry and his team built machines that would drive fear into the hearts of many.

Vaughn was a student. Time ticks. Change occurs.


Vaughn aka ‘Slick Indian’, lol, is the C.EO. of Velocity Racing. The images were shown – Vaughn and Biggie B would be at church and they were carrying, not one, but, two considerable portions of offering.

When an opportunity presents itself, you must be ready to grab it – Eminem – Lose Yourself. Vaughn was ready. Vaughn was Jack Reacher. He was Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry, A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly . He was John Wick. He was Thanos – Avengers-Infinity War. His sight was not restricted. No. He was not in Birdbox! Ironically he was totally engaged in delivering a ‘bax’ of a different kind! Lol

At church, when his name was called, ‘Slick Indian’ was judge, jury and executioner. Velocity Racing’s speed-boss, like a Japanese samurai, expertly scythed and neutralized a frightened gang of machines.

Do you know the story about the small axe and the big tree?

At church on Sunday, Dec 30th (it is alleged that) Roland Crawford’s mega-horsepower, Silicon Valley-tech-powered Genesis – Goliath -  was mutilated and slaughtered by Vaughn’s K24 nitrous-fed slingshot!

On Sunday, Dec 30th Vaughn was invincible! It was a bloodbath! Vaughn has arrived. The message is clear. K24 + nitrous = SERIAL KILLER!

2019 will be interesting.

Big up Velocity Racing! Is it true that Velocity Racing is going into the insurance business? Gap Insurance? Lol! Spin B?

Wishing everyone all the best for 2019!

Machine Deh Ya!

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