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Welcome to 2019! We did not have time to settle before information revved in that Formula 1′s scarlet warrior, Ferrari, sent its Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene packing! We are fully aware that Ferrari embraces losing or finishing first loser, under no circumstances. Its founder, Enzo, a legend, simply would not have it.

The stories are innumerable. Drivers were tools required to navigate his machines to victory. In his mind and based on his resolute approach to preparation, the machine was always up to the task – what was required was a worthy driver to marry his machine to the checkered flag!


So, winning is an integral component of Ferrari’s genetic code and obviously the culture of winning and the rejection of losing are flags still flown high and with pride at Ferrari. Competing in Formula 1, in the mindset of Ferrari’s top brass, should have a single outcome – winning the championship(s).

It goes without saying therefore, that heads will roll in the speed-cartel, when a championship that was available on a golden platter, was snatched and transported by an express courier service to their arch-rival Mercedes AMG.

My focus is not on Arrivabene’s replacement, Mattia Binotto. On the contrary, a Flash Gordon-like perusal of the gentleman’s resume, will confirm that he has the requisite tools to occupy Arrivabene’s seat with zero effort.

In fact, it is suggested that his ingenuity in the department he led – the technical department – played a significant role in enhancing the machine’s ability to push Mercedes to the precipice!


The visually impaired had no difficulty seeing, that in 2018, Ferrari had Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes on the ropes, begging for the bell. I read a report which stated that Ferrari conducted an internal investigation to ascertain what was responsible for the empty trophy chamber in 2018.

Two of the conclusions arrived at based on the investigation triggered a scratch-my-head moment! Conclusion 1 – they needed a faster car to beat Mercedes. Conclusion 2 -  Vettel’s errors were as a result of him pushing harder to compensate for the shortcomings of the car. I am forced to wonder if Vettel conducted the investigation! Lol.

It was repeatedly evident, that in 2018, Ferrari had the faster car. A car which reduced Lewis Hamilton to a distorted mess at Spa. At some time, hopefully in the not too distant future, Ferrari and all its stakeholders will realise, that in 2018, the championship was always destined for Maranello, until they were ambushed and slaughtered by a superior driver, who is driven by an inherent force that inhales competition and exhales victory!


It is my view that Arrivabene paid the ultimate price for Vettel’s shortcomings. Arrivabene is now confined to a page in Ferrari’s colourful F1 history book. Binotto is now Team Boss. The main reason Ferrari claimed no title in 2018 – Vettel – remains the driver in charge of Maranello’s fate.

Did Ferrari make a huge mistake? Did they fire the wrong man?

Formula 1′s 2019 season is not far away. Time will tell.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. MJ says:

    Welcome to 2019, cant wait for the start of the 2019 season. Yes, it was Vettle who carried out that investigation, as you rightly said, Ferrari had the faster car in 2018 and due to poor driving they messed it up.

    The thing with being on the ropes, once you’re not on the mat, you have a chance, and LH44 took his chance.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings MJ! All the best for 2019! If there was any doubt re who Lewis Hamilton’s tenacity and his will to win, in 2018 did show them! Ferrari will know after a few races if they made the correct decision. The anticipation builds. Lol!

  3. MJ says:

    It will be interesting, Leclerk is a very good driver and will push Vettle who in turn should push Hamilton, i just hope Bottas step up as well, we cant keep out Verstapen with their new unit from Honda. March hurry and come!!

  4. cmunroe says:

    MJ, Leclerk, is thought to be a driver on the rise. Will his inclusion in the team assist or hinder Vettel’s challenge? Will he (Leclerk) emerge as the lead driver?

    Hamilton, unless Mercedes implodes, will bring his usual fire and brimstone to the championship! He is not easily rattled and as such expect nothing but a rampaging Hamilton when the red lights disappear. Verstappen is always the dark horse.

    Let’s watch a few races and see the package he has because that is crucial. Good drivers in mediocre cars translate to also ran – Alonso!

    Interesting and exciting days are ahead. Lol.

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