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Assembling words to convey appropriate meaning is the daily occupation of writers. But, there are those occasions, events and experiences which pose a formidable challenge to even the giants of the written word, when attempts are made to, like in a relay, pass the baton of the multifaceted complex, explosive and invigorating emotions, which are tirelessly enjoyed, when individuals witness supremely fast machines snarling at blur-speed, while chasing victory and an elusive low elapsed time (et)!


Fortunately, you bear no such burden. Thanks to Ken-T Racing and associated sponsors those experiences plus GCT (brawta) – grudge matches – will be shelling the track at Jamwest Speedway in Little London, Westmoreland this weekend (Sunday).

There is no doubt that drag racing has emerged as the most dominant form of motorsport in Jamaica at present. The fact that your daily driver, when fed a diet of ‘performance enhancing drugs’, can be transformed into the Green Beast – The Hulk – plays a significant role.

This edition of The Hulk is no Avenger though. The drag racing Hulk is a vengeful, musclebound creature who leaves a trail of destructive victory-claiming havoc along the 1320!


The dominant platform – Honda – has numerous proponents who will be assiduously engaged at Jamwest on Sunday, waging their respective wars. A congregation of both Capital and Common Ks will be present. The ‘Gap-Boss’ aka Vaughn, has shown with lethal accuracy, how deadly a K24 blended with nitrous can be. A multitude of Ks will be in the building!

The B-series platform was once the King of Speed, but, a lot has changed. An army of B-series warriors will be fighting for relevance, denying their status as technology of the past. It will be a firefight!


It goes without saying, that every other marque with be aiming for Honda’s glory. The dyno will continue to be a beehive of activity, brimming with Toyotas, Mitsubishis, a certain mongrel Hyundai (engine has nothing marked Hyundai) and others.

The threats were disbursed with venom weeks and months prior. On Sunday, the war of words ends and the war of the motors begins! There were those who coined the phrase a ‘B20(or any other engine code) and a 100 shot of nitrous can fix dat!” On Sunday we will see who has the correct sauce!

Reputations, pride and the most important driving factor – the almighty ego – are all on the line. There are obviously different routes to the victory party. Some have chosen insane N/A builds – grabbing 10 second e.ts in the process.

Some have chosen BOOST – a truck-load in some cases -  70 + LBS of boost! Others have jumped on the NITROUS wagon – nitrous fix everything! The bold have gone a bit further, ‘BOOST and BOTTLE‘!

The formula, the sauce, are all guessing games. On Sunday, the only game in town is the Speed Games at Jamwest Speedway!

DRAG RIVALS – NITROUS VENDETTA – This Sunday at Jamwest Speedway.



Will Roland Crawford redeem himself? Will ‘Buju’ finally blast a 9 seconds pass? ‘Bally’ cannot miss another gear! Will He? What will ‘Bally’ do this time? Drama awaits.

Will you be there?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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