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Who went soul-searching? Who appears to be inspired? Who wants to reside in no one’s shadow? Who desperately wants to prove that he is world champion material? If you answered Bottas to the questions above you are absolutely correct!

I stated earlier that I did not expect extraordinary substance from Bottas. Did he read the comment? Doubt it. Lol. I am thankful that I am not a gambling man!

At the end of the previous blog, I asked – Will Bottas silence his critics?Can we agree that he has began the process of answering that question? Lol.

I am having a significant challenge though – the egg insists that it will not leave my face! At the Australian GP, the real Valtterie Viktor Bottas stood up and drove as if he was being chased by apocalyptic zombies!

Will Buxton said he spoke to Bottas after qualifying and Bottas indicated that he intended to come out – as the boxers would say -  swinging – elbows out – battle/war mode!

He vaulted ahead of Hamilton at the start, dived into Corner 1, owned the lead and then delivered a Mercedes AMG Performance lecture. Hamilton was a silent student . Both Ferraris, we’re clinging, gasping for air as the vicious Mercedes AMG machines had a monopoly on the available oxygen in Australia.


Ricciardo chose farming – ploughing through the grass – he suffered. McLaren is still trapped in woe-world. HAAS followed. With the correct tool-kit Verstappen will be a world champion. Honda power, it seems, has shed the demons of old. Verstappen’s Honda-powered machine kicked the pre-season-testing fastest machine – Ferrari – to the curb!

Bottas shone brilliantly in Australia. Bottas is ready to fight! We welcome the battle. Hamilton, despite securing P2 will have to respond quickly. Toto’s initial smile, matured to a wide grin. Hmmm. Leclerc, as expected, is no sloth. Vettel will have his hands full. He is still the poster-boy though – saved by team orders. Lol.

We want to see more of this Bottas. No freebie for Lewis. Post-race analysis indicated that Lewis’ machine had some degree of floor damage. The reason for his floundering? Who cares?

Do you know who was possibly laughing until his jaws and his side ached? Maurizio Arrivabene!

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  1. Shane Robinson says:

    I am a big fan of Mercedes but I think red bull this season is one to watch.

  2. MJ says:

    Lots happened in Australia, too much to talk about, you did a fair job at summarizing it.

    Bottas was a monster on Sunday, he dashed to the first corner and didnt relinquish. Ferrari surprised me though, when i saw Max going by the Scuderia, i was shocked, but as i get to understand, Ferrari didn’t get their racing mode in check for the AUSGP.

    Hamilton is a fighter and will respond, will we see a renewal of Hamilton vs Rosberg Part 2?

  3. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Shane! Welcome. I hope you are not a ‘wagonist’ jumping on the Mercedes train. Red Bull, I think will continue to play the role it did in 2018. They will be in th emix but not the team to grab the championships. Verstappen had a wonderful start to the season and that pass on Vettel – an ego-boost! Let us see what Bahrain reveals.

  4. cmunroe says:

    MJ, a couple things. I beg to differ. I did not do “a fair job” re the summary. I did an excellent job! Lol. Bottas, obviously had a plan and fortunately for him, he was able to execute. The conversation he had with Will Buxton proved that he had the race-winning mindset from qualifying. So his performance was a premeditated event.

    The fact that Lewis’ machine showed signs of damage after the race, in my view, contributed to his (Lewis’ ) inability to launch a serious attack on Bottas. But, would he have been able to defeat Bottas if he had a machine at 100 %?
    Verstappen was his usual self and thankfully the Honda motor was equipped for the battle. Ferrari still shell-shocked? The new Bottas vs Hamilton? Interesting.

  5. george says:

    1st race of the season “”" lewis all the way

  6. cmunroe says:

    George, I am not sure what you are saying. Lewis all the way…..I am certain Bottas will disagree. Watch Bahrain.

  7. reticent says:

    Dear Mr Munroe,

    With respect to your statement ending with “Who cares?”, concerning Lewis: the answer is, I do!!!

  8. MJ says:

    Yes sir, you did an excellent job.

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