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Where is the pace that everyone was lamenting about that Ferrari had in pre-season testing? If we were easily misled, we would have bought the stories ‘hook, line and sinker’! Thankfully, we have learnt and caution is a tool we willingly employ before agreeing with widely dispersed conclusions.

At the Australian GP, multiple World Champion and Ferrari’s ace – Vetttel – was at a loss re his machine’s lack of thrust. Stunned the driver was, to the point where he was compelled to seek answers from his team. They had none!

Mercedes AMG indicated that the Ferrari was indeed fast in pre-season activities. Were they telling the truth? Or were they being poker players? Their glee at the end of the Australian GP was captured in HD! They got an early season gift and they ran, grinning profusely, all the way to the fluttering checkered flag!


The 2019 Bottas, we are told, is an enhanced edition, genetically modified to accomplish the impossible – beat Hamilton at will! But, did we see an enlightened Bottas, performing at the requisite level necessary to dethrone Hamilton? Or did we see Hamilton’s machine under-performing and Bottas gaining an advantage as a result of  Hamilton’s 90% machine?

Ferrari’s pride will compel them to search for that which was lost. Ferrari did not even grab a podium spot! We have not heard a plausible explanation as yet. Where did the speed go? Wherever it went, it must be found and quickly. Bahrain provides the first opportunity for redemption.


If Bottas’ mojo has returned and Hamilton’s machine avoids gremlins, Bahrain will provide the first real, caged battle involving the team-mates – MMA settings! Verstappen is always ready and willing to pounce. Vettel must be fuming still – passed by a Honda-powered Red Bull! The insolence!

So, some will argue that Australia was a fluke – Bottas won, Hamilton stumbled, Verstappen’s Honda-machine soared and Ferrari nose-dived into the losers abyss!

A lot is at stake. The season enters its second Round, but, when you are chasing championships, the points you lose will haunt you ceaselessly, especially when you are forced to watch your arch-rival lift the trophies!

Will Bottas grab a second victory. Will Lewis derail Bottas’ train? And Vettel? Will Ferrari win in Bahrain? An inspired Leclerc will outpace Vettel? If Ferrari repeats what was revealed in Australia someone – read Binotto – will be immersed in scotch bonnet!

Drama will inundate Bahrain this weekend!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Handel Hudson says:

    Well written artcle. Very insightful. Reflected my thoughts. Nice to get some local articles on Formula one for a change

  2. Well said Mr Munroe. It’s great that the Gleaner has zeroed in early this F1 season. However, Hamilton will win in Bahrain, Bottas has second and Vettel third!

  3. Norman Munroe says:


    My own take is that, much as I respect Bottas, I expect Hamilton to come out on top this weekend. That said, I do think that the Ferraris will try to turn out with ‘blood in their eyes’, so I have not written off Vettel completely in this.

    I think he has an outside chance to win and definitely to be on the podium. I would be surprised if they have not yet sorted out the power deficiency problems the cars had and provided the cars are performing well, and barring any unforeseen problems, all round it is going to be quite a scrap but, as I said, I think Lewis will prevail. We shall see!

  4. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Handel. you should have stated a few of your thoughts though? Do you see Bottas emerging as a valid challenger to Hamilton’s reign? Or will he be a one-hit wonder?

  5. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Sir Haughton! A bold man you are, I see. Calling the victor at this early stage? Are you not concerned that Bottas said and did exactly what he said he would do and won? Are you not concerned that Ferrari’s reported speed did not appear in Australia? What if it returns in Bahrain? And what about Verstappen? No chance?

    I will add this – do not be surprised if further drama – like the pages of the The Gleaner – unfolds! Lol.

  6. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Norman. Is it uncanny to think that, somehow, despite everything happening around him, Hamilton will prevail? I have not settled on a number of things as yet and as such I am in wait-and-see mode.

    Think about this. It is being suggested that Hamilton’s race-performance was hampered by floor-damage. Were we told when in the race this damage occurred? Were we told how the car was performing before and after the damage?
    Hamilton was beaten off the line and to corner 1 by Bottas and like money in an addict’s pocket – he disappeared! We will see in Bahrain if Bottas is for real.

    Vettel. Vettel. Vettel. What can we say about Vettel? I will say this without hesitation. Vettel is no Schumi. He will not save Scuderia. Yes, he will win some races, but he lacks the mental rigidity and the push-through-the obstacles approach required to see the battle through. Vettel’s puerile mistakes in 2018 rush to the fore. Think about this – In a race where Vettel was struggling for pace, his new team-mate was forced to lift and remain behind.
    I like what I am seeing on the grid. The crab-in-a-barrel joust for P1 will continue in Bahrain! Loving it though!

  7. MJ says:

    Good to see the F1 fans coming out. This weekend was epic, it had all that you could ask for in a race. Though I’m a Mercedes fan, I was gutted for Charles, he worked hard all weekend and deserved the first position, but in motorsports your car have to be reliable just as the driver. Another Mercedes 1,2.

    Vettel will now be under tremendous pressure to deliver, as Charles is giving him a run for his money and vettel is back to his old ways that cost him the championship last year.

    On to China then.

  8. cmunroe says:

    MJ did you hear Hamilton’s comment(s) after he crossed the finish line? Stay tuned. Bahrain report coming up!

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