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Let me take nothing for granted. No assumptions will be made on these pages. We are contracted to the information business and as such we must execute accordingly. Let me tell you what is happening!


Drag racing is experiencing  and riding a surf-like wave of interest and heightened excitement. Ken-T Racing has reinvigorated the sport. The rivalries are real. The competition is fierce. And the machines are vivid, unmasked representations of the inner workings of minds which are irrevocably intoxicated and obsessed with elevated doses of triple-digit speed!


Drag Rivals 1, held in January, was a scrumptious appetizer. At Jamwest Speedway, on Sunday March 31st, Drag Rivals 2 will unleash a gastronomical treat like no other! The world renowned speed-chefs, including Viola by Lilee’s, Lian Chen, will be serving taste buds-stimulating entrees, comprising of exquisite portions of mouthwatering boost and selective shots of nitrous oxide. Each mesmerizing dish will be served on a 1320 track bite prepared plate!


If you were not at Drag Rivals 1, this is your chance for redemption. The battles at DR-1 were waged with rampant velocity, thrilling the insatiable fans who were present. The Gap-Boss, Velocity Racing’s CEO, aka Vaughn, was not in the building – he will be at DR-2!

Two R35s were misled and eventually slaughtered at DR-1. Potent machines though! Mines? Will they be back for revenge? Roland Crawford began the weekend at DR-1 on a positive note and embraced the 10 seconds mark. The Genesis soared initially, but, eventually faltered – throat slit by Toda! Will Roland silence the naysayers and finally slap whe 9ZZZZZ?


Gary ‘Bossy D’ Hurlock is a star that this galaxy cannot restrain. The man conceptualized, designed and delivered a formula for  ZED ZED speed. Hondas, we know, are giants along the 1320. But, ‘Bossy D’, at present, is a 13 second Honda’s most frightening nightmare. Nightmare on Elm Street settings! Richie will tell you! Bossy D, with restraint and race discipline can win the 13 seconds class. Bossy D will be at DR-2!


Delano ‘Corie’ Fraser exists on a VVIP level in the 11 seconds class. It is said that Oliver ‘Spoon’ Villiers has the most 11 seconds trophies. If ‘Spoon’ steps to Corie at DR-2, his family might need a grief counselor – mourning settings!

Kevin ‘Escort Boss’ Edwards is from St Ann, ‘Spoon’s’ home as well. He must have conveyed the message that he was left for dead at DR-1 – victim of a deadly 3rd gear! But, Kevin is determined. He has clearly defined goals. He was not pleased. He rejects being slaughtered. Kevin will be at DR-2! Corie – sorry fi u! Lol!

At DR-1, the paddock was laden with a bevy of brutal machines. The white 200 SX is a beast! Will it be at DR-2?

876 STREETS has ushered in an innovative way of introducing the mercenaries who conduct black ops missions at the Drag Rivals events. In 2018 Ian ‘Swiffy’ Galbraith entered holy ground – the 9 seconds class. In January, at DR-1, his Subaru stablemate ‘Squaddie’ was treated like a common criminal in the 9-seconds final.

For ‘Squaddie’ justice was ‘swift’. It was a horrific encounter for him. He is possibly still traumatized. And to add insult to injury, the ‘Superintendent’ had no remorse. It was a laughing matter!

‘Swiffy’ was not pleased. In an 876 feature, ‘Swiffy’, apparently burdened, did the unthinkable. Did he say the following? ” If Omar come we a go jus slap whe Omar!” Did he also add – “Omar have im beaten fi get!” And did he suggest that he will ensure that – “Omar keep quiet”.

If Ian ‘Swiffy’ Galbraith was referring to the same Omar Evering that we know – drag racing’s ONLY KING – someone needs to inform the Little London Police. Because on March 31st, at Jamwest Speedway there will be – MMUURRDDEERR IN LITTLE LONDON!


Sending threats to the King! Are you insane?

Seymour Anderson – we salute you sir. Well Done!

Drag Rivals 2, Jamwest Speedway, Sunday, March 31st!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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