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Poetic Justice? Congratulations KC! And to all the teams that competed – including Calabar – WELL DONE! We continue to show the abundance of raw talent and promise that we possess as a people.

Befuddled – an apt word to describe what must have existed in the Ferrari garage after the Australian GP. It was said and accepted, that Ferrari found a rather rapid gear in pre-season testing and the fear the new speed brought was tangible.

In Australia, Ferrari’s fortunes, like the weather, changed dramatically. Hurricane Bottas, swinging Category 5 punches, demolished the wattle and daub houses that the machines on the grid resided in, including that of his team-mate, five-times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton!

Scuderia Ferrari was not amused. So, the search for the lost horses began. Lol. Qualifying for the Bahrain GP provided confirmation that the horses were found and returned to their rightful place – Maranello!


Apparently, the newly minted victory/gold coin – Charles Leclerc – received a larger allotment of said horses than his team-mate, 4-times World Champion, Vettel. Is there another explanation for Leclerc, in only his second race with the team, outperforming his highly favored and #1 driver team-mate?  Leclerc -P1, Vettel – P2, Hamilton and Bottas followed, maintaining striking distance.

Plucky Vettel pranced ahead when red became black. Leclerc, possibly burdened by the moment and processing too much data, was bullied and shoved further, to P3, by a bullish Bottas. Hamilton tried to grab the scraps but was not quick enough. The lead-pack was comprised of Vettel, Bottas, Leclerc and Hamilton.

We are not affiliated with Paddock Pass and as such, insider information we are not privy to, but, I am interested in finding out who advised Ferrari to grab Leclerc. I will do the research.


Leclerc was disrespectfully brushed aside by a charging, more experienced, Bottas. Fiesty, tenacious and defiant in posture can be used to summarize Leclerc’s response. The cost -benefit analysis was hurriedly completed. The Mission Winnow was executed on Lap 2! It was abrupt. It was forceful. Bottas was forced to yield and view the bigger picture. Leclerc remained adamant and muscled by, exiting Corner 1.


The power move by Leclerc caused Bottas to lose valuable ground, diamond-ground that Hamilton immediately mined for his own benefit. Should Hamilton thank Leclerc for creating the passing opportunity on his ‘updated’ team-mate? Hamilton moved to P3.

It was conceived in Australia. It died a team- death. In Bahrain it was redesigned and this time the team had no valid grounds upon which to issue a cease and desist. Incidentally, a report has surfaced which indicates that the team did try to ‘protect’ Vettel. Lol!

Leclerc, during qualifying, made it abundantly clear that contrary to the position held by the management unit at Scuderia Ferrari, his role on the team, re #1 or #2 driver, is yet to be determined. Leclerc claimed pole.

As stated earlier, Vettel snatched the lead with a lightning start. He must have been pleased with himself. Leclerc revisited the drawing board. Vettel was callously stalked. His demise was carefully calculated and executed on the same battlefield Bottas met his Waterloo – Corner 1. An outside move – Navy Seal Team 6 precision! Leclerc – P1!

Did he (Vettel) underestimate Leclerc?

Bottas, the rejuvenated edition and the winner of the Australian GP was casually dispatched and flung into an unforced error. The multiple World Champion, Vettel,  was mauled by a rampaging Leclerc a few laps later.

Qualifying was the day before – Leclerc secured pole. The Bahrain GP was only a few laps old and Leclerc was reading the riot act! Is Leclerc a legitimate title contender?

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  1. lewis hamilton did tip charles leclerc to be a superstar in an interview last year so no surprises here as hamiltons opinion is highly regarded here especially when it involves spotting new talent.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Garfield! I take the point if Lewis was of that view but, did you honestly expect Leclerc to be this dominant and prominent in the conversation with only 2 Rounds completed? We all know that talent is an integral, but, a small part of the equation when success is being chased – Alonso!

  3. Yes. I did think that Leclerc would do to Vettel what Lewis in 2007 as a rookie did to Alonzo. Remember that had it not been for McLaren keeping Lewis out on old rubber in China, then he would have finished the race in the points and would therefore had won the championship in the rookie year.

    So bottom line, Charlie L is a genuine championship contender. and beating Seb was no surprise. Vettel is a fighter though, so do not expect him to take this lying down.

  4. Cleveland Powell says:

    I’ll bet a dime to a dollar that before the end of this season Leclerc will be lead driver for Ferrari. He has the requisite skills and more importantly a head on his shoulders that somehow , with all his talent , Vettel seems to lack.

  5. cmunroe says:

    Christopher, it would be interesting, if we could conduct a poll to ascertain how many F1 disciples expected Leclerc to be this impressive, this quick. And did you expect him to dismiss Vettel already? Round 2? After being denied the opportunity at Round 1?

    You say Vettel is a fighter. Based on what has occurred in recent seasons – where did that fighter go? Vettel will rise and should win some races, but with Leclerc present, if he is not restrained (by the team) I would not want to be Vettel!

  6. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Cleveland! Formula 1 is like Parliament – full of politics! Lead driver? Lets see. Vettel’s path will be a bumpy one in 2019!

  7. MJ says:

    I for one didnt have Charles L to be this dominant, he showed that he had talent last year, but his rise in the Ferrari is quite surprising for me. That is telling me that the car he’s driving is fast. Without any reliability issues, they should gallop away with the title.

    If Mercedes does not get up to par with the straight-line speed of the Ferrari, they’ll be in the Ferrari’s rear view for the rest of the championship.

    With that said, im still backing my boy LH44 to take it to the Scuderia all season.

  8. cmunroe says:

    MJ, honesty is a good policy. All of a sudden individuals are behaving as if they saw this coming, this early in the season! I will say this though, Mercedes did not climb the ladder to be struck from the highest rung without a protracted fight.

    I do not see Toto Wollf and company chilling and watching Ferrari serving lashings. I am thrilled when I think about what lies ahead. What of Vettel though – how will he respond to Leclerc?

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