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At GP China 2019, Hamilton and the bullet-proof Mercedes were ATL – Unbeatable. Ferrari’s best hope occupied a spot after P1.

The debate will not be entertained – team orders are an integral part of the sport. We might not agree with it. We might disagree with how it is employed, but whether we are for, or against it, it will exist and it will continue to exist, in an open or a disguised format. Simply put, too much is at stake for teams not to use their two machines to their advantage when pursuing a championship.


Binotto made it abundantly clear that the team chose Vettel – #1 and as such he will be favored when the situation forces a choice. Three races ticked on the calendar and at each, Ferrari shamelessly showed its team orders hand.

Leclerc complied, except in Bahrain, where his inner being opted for defiance. He ran circles around his team-mate and was only robbed of victory by a reluctant Ferrari. Having lost two campaigns which could have been won (2017 and 2018), with Vettel at the helm, logic would dictate that a level playing field would have been created inorder to allow fierce competition to enhance performance.

It is known that your first opponent in the team is your team-mate – your first target. Out-perform your team-mate, put yourself in a position to give the team the best shot at the title(s) and you earn the team’s full support. That is a lecture an astute individual delivered. You will meet him shortly.

Team orders, established and agreed from the onset of the season, in circumstances where one driver does not necessarily wield a major speed/pace/performance advantage over the other, provides a massage parlor for the #1 driver. That is counter-productive!

Where is the motivation to exceed one’s expectation?


Toto Wollf  is the Alex Ferguson of F1. A sly rascal he is. He sat in 2016 when a brutal war was violently waged between Lewis and Rosberg. He openly stated then that his drivers were allowed to race. Yes, the road was no Chinese-built highway, costly potholes appeared, but the absence of an ‘annointed’/appointed #1 forced Rosberg to summon his ancestors to fight Lewis. Rosberg has a title to show!

When Bottas arrived he was not subjected to Hamilton’s playbook. He understood that the playing field was level until a driver emerged as the best bet for the championship run. So, the advantage gained would be based upon your performance during the season and not on your distant history!

Toto Wollf taught those lessons long ago. Ferrari can learn from Mercedes-AMG!

At the end of GP China, Binotto was accosted by Leclerc’s manager. It is not difficult to understand why the manger would want to have words with Binotto.

What is really happening at Ferrari? Ferrari, despite all of the positive indicators has not won a race as yet. Any predictions for the next Round? Leclerc will win? Will he be ‘allowed’ to ? Vettel’s haircut? No comment! Lol.

Hamilton all the way? I am still waiting for a no-holds-barred contest between Hamilton and Leclerc! That will be epic! Memories of Rosberg vs Hamilton!

We love F1!

But wait, there is more.


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