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Life is a permanent classroom. Show love, exercise caution, think more, speak less and refrain from actions which create negative outcomes. Difficult, but try.

The first contest of the 2019 circuit racing season will rev to an intoxicating redline at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday, April 22. Like the politics which ignites this nation, circuit racing maintains a committed, immovable, islandwide following. Like ants to sugar, the hopelessly addicted patrons, gravitate, almost magnetically, to Jamrock’s circuit racing Coliseum – 1.6 miles of treacherous thrill!

A revolution is in occurrence though. Did you realise this? The obvious, at times, does not smack you with the brute force of an expertly executed and painfully applied kick! It is visible, but, did you stop to record the implications?

For a protracted period the EVO was king. In a weird twist, the main protagonist of the EVO doctrine – Sir Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore – who amassed championships aboard a rather rapid EVO, chose to sell said EVO and then he fell victim to a superior being, a monster of sorts – another EVO known affectionately as TA-1.


In the hands of Dover’s ONLY King – David Summerbell Jr.,  TA-1′s reign was brutal. Doug Gore was forced to chart a new path. Globetrotting unearthed a rare find. Dover was blessed with a demon from the loins of Germany’s DTM.

Both machines were more different than they were similar, but they had the same goal in mind – win! The drivers understood and for several years they wrestled tirelessly to claim superiority. The battles, at times, were fraught with peril. Real race-car drivers are not familiar with yielding and they remain in constant search of a window of opportunity even when, the window, visible to all present with 20-20 vision, is clearly closed.


David Summerbell Jr., competing at Jamwest, saw such a window – both machines died instantly! TA-1 is unofficially dead. Doug Gore returned in 2018. With confidence, he indicated that he had a raucous BEAST. Circumstances, however, reduced the BEAST to a domesticated purr. The BEAST was forced to leave the island!

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