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Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg has motor-racing in his genes and in all the other items in his closet. His dominance in the class(es) he competed in at Dover was absolute. For race-car drivers, reigning at the pinnacle of the sport, is the only aim. Kyle wanted to  join the ‘big boys’ club.

To wage the bruising battles, B.D. Gregg and Bros Ltd rolled out a unique package -  a Radical! The Radical was so radical, it forced Kyle Gregg to sleep at the track – history! Eventually after a few missteps, ‘Speedy’ got the hang of it and when Summerbell or Doug slipped, Kyle would slide into P1.


The Radical’s reliability and Kyle’s consistency allowed him to emerge as a valid, legitimate contender for championships. Kyle was forceful in the execution of his duties and the machine, an eager participant, complied with a victor’s pride. Several championships later, Monday, April 22nd marks the first Round of the 2019 season, Kyle is ready to Beat and Teach!


Kyle Gregg’s exploits was a feather banner for the Radical platform. So when Doug’s and David’s machines met their untimely demise, David Summerbell Jr. hopping into a Radical was not surprising. Within short order there were 3 Radicals at Dover Raceway. ‘Hollywood’ avoided the bandwagon and went the direction of RallyCross. We are yet to see the F-1 accelerating results.

Remember the revolution? Clarity :

1. the Radical emerged as the next Dover-ruling-machine

2. the absence of Doug Gore and David Summerbell Jr. from the track led to the spotlight being shifted to the drivers who will be battling for dominance in 2019 and beyond.

At present, Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg leads the Radical clan, but, Easter Monday will reveal if he can withstand the assault which he will be subjected to from at least 2 Radicals! William ‘Wings’ Myers will be engaged in supersonic flight in one and a camp which retains a 8 seconds R35 and is dedicated to anything fast – the LueBoyz – will be in the building!

Expect Radical Wars at Dover on Easter Monday!

And Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore?

Doug Gore is a star! And he knows how to put on a show. His BEAST was praised and celebrated before it recorded a single lap at Dover Raceway. The Kia BEAST’s potential offers a mouthwatering treat for fans of circuit racing. Its rallycross lineage suggests frightening acceleration and with Raj Jadusingh involved we expect it to be able to corner like the bullet-train. Remember Natasha ‘Chiney Dolly’ Chang’s EG? Raj!

The BEAST did not deliver on its maiden outing, but, we understand why. Like a tourist, it boarded a flight and departed. The machine is back. I spoke to Raj. He stated that the machine will be at the track without much delay and all things considered, it should be ready for intergalactic war on Easter Monday.

But, Doug has been absent from the track for an extended time frame.


Will Doug Gore be able to compete at the level required to run with Kyle?

In an unfamiliar platform, can Doug Gore harness the BEAST’s ferocity and deliver victory on Easter Monday?

Doug Gore chose not to go the Radical route. Did he make the correct choice?

With ‘issues of the heart’ on the table for ‘Hollywood’ does he still have what it takes to hurl his machine with NO FEAR into Dover’s Pet Sematary Corner 1?

Doug Gore has a lot to prove on Easter Monday!

Carnival of Speed – Dover Raceway – Monday – April 22nd!

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