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“A whole heap a people deh ya man” she said. It was an umbrella city. Patrons came prepared to wrestle if necessary, but, coexist with the weather. Nothing would interfere successfully with the party!

If the attendance figures are accurate, the JRDC can no longer fly – “the club is broke” -  aeroplane. The Reggae Sumfest-type crowd, at the 1.6 on Easter Monday, should give birth to a reversal of color in the JRDC’s account. What was red, should now be bold, all-caps, BLACK! Soaring to new heights! Lol!


He came rushing from where the video-camera was mounted – [read what follows in excited, hurried patois] -  ”Doug Gore have too much to prove. Doug Gore have too much to prove!” – he exclaimed repeatedly.

His voice maintained an amplified volume. I could not determine if he was disappointed, overly excited or he was simply caught up in the euphoria of what he witnessed a few seconds before his outburst. What did he see?


I saw Senna Summerbell on Saturday at Tropical Battery. He confirmed that his dad, David Summerbell Jr would not be racing at Dover, on Easter Monday. He added that he would be competing in the Honda – he said Honda – but it is actually a Mitsubishi Mirage powered by a Honda motor.

I quizzed him, quickly, about TA-1 and what he might be driving in the future. He indicated that his dad was not comfortable with particular aspects of the Radical platform. I understood. I would not be surprised if we see Senna in a Radical some time soon though.


David Summerbell Jr was at the track on Easter Monday. When I saw David, Senna was on the track. David was sharing observations and conversation with his former perennial rival, now comedian, Peter Rae. Ladies and gentlemen the guard has changed!


The LueBoyz came to Dover a few years ago with a Banana-Yellow Civic EG. The LueBoyz have shown in the past that they are a formidable force to reckon with whenever they enter the motorsports arena. They showed it then, when they threw the Banana EG into the Dover mix.

On Easter Monday, at the Carnival of Speed, they reminded us of their prowess in a discipline that they are not readily know for. At the Carnival of Speed, the LueBoyz brought a gunslinger to the Easter party – a Kristian! Lol! Kristian, driving the LueBoyz Radical, gave Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg a turbulence-laden flight, it was a fiery baptism!

Kyle was forced to dig deep. In the race I saw, Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg, Dover’s new lap-record holder, was leading, but he was being hounded relentlessly by the irrepressible Kristian. The pressure was unbearable? Did Kyle’s Radical succumb to Trinidadian pressure? Oil pressure issues, I was later told, forced Kyle to retire. Kristian won. Well done Lueboyz!

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