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Who or what was responsible for the back-in-the-days Reggae Sunsplash-type crowd that was present a Jamaica’s circuit racing coliseum? It is a question to which many answers have been advanced.

Was it Doug Gore and the BEAST? Was it the LueBoyz? Was it ‘Wings’ Myers and the KFC gang? Was it Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg? Was it Nicholas ‘TAZZ’ Barnes, Demar Lee, Alan Gordon, Dean Shaw, Senna Summerbell, the Kristian, Peter Jaggon, Vivian Mitchell, Patrick Ricketts or Nigel Wilmot?

I have the answer. EVERY driver who participated in the Carnival of Speed was responsible for the massive turnout that unfolded at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday!

Incidentally, at my Sunday viewing spot – the helipad – Demar Lee’s little sister was present with 2 friends or family (I did not confirm). I impolitely eavesdropped on a conversation they had when a race-car came to life in the paddock.

I was coerced to ask if she was related to Demar. She gave a positive response. She was a n iridescent light-bulb when she spoke about Demar!


What was responsible for the gluttonous attendance numbers, I will not debate, but, I have zero doubt, that the return of Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and his sidekick – the European enhanced and significantly modified BEAST -  and the possible cataclysmic AVENGERS ENDGAME-type showdown which was imminent, involving the rapidly rising megastar, Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg – vigorously stirred the attendance pot! And the introduction of a brand new Radical team, in the shape and form of the LueBoyz, propelled the interest level to Inferno Red – fever pitch!


When I arrived at the track on Monday, a trio of Radicals was locked in a high-revving chain, ripping like MotoGP machines around the 1.6. Their rapid transition and passage through the chicane, exiting the container-bridge, was a thing of beauty. The Radical is Dover’s current bar! Kyle’s 1:15 and change lap-time is big man business!

But I must admit that I was burdened by questions which were not willing to depart with haste. While at the track, I sent messages and voice-notes to self :

1. Is it necessary to race brands/manufacturers that the fans can identify with?

2. Should we maintain tin-top machines to ensure that the stands are packed?

3. Should we get feedback from the fans to determine the direction of the sport?

4. Are Radicals killing circuit racing?

Those questions appeared and despite the calypso-atmosphere at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday, they simply would not go away.

What do you think?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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