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He came rushing from where the video-camera was mounted – [read what follows in excited, hurried patois] -  ”Doug Gore have too much to prove. Doug Gore have too much to prove!” – he exclaimed repeatedly.

His voice maintained an amplified volume. I could not determine if he was disappointed, overly excited or he was simply caught up in the euphoria of what he witnessed a few seconds before his outburst. What did he see?

I will tell you what he saw. Context is important.


A few minutes earlier, Dover’s most devastatingly-quick machines rolled out to the grid. Kyle’s oil pressure issue, which halted his winning run in the previous race was rectified – hopefully. KFC was open for business. ‘Wings’ Myers was present and ready to serve a Meal Deal or a few. The LueBoyz’ sniper, The Kristian, was nestled in the fighter jet’s cockpit, ready to slay his adversaries. Dover was alive with electric endorphins!

Do you know what happens when you grab a bottle of Pepsi, shake it vigorously, then snap and remove the cap? Capture that image – that is a visual representation of what happened when it became clear that The BEAST was ready to divide, conquer and mark its territory!

When Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore rolled out for the race, the tempo at the 1.6 rose to a raucous crescendo, intrigue, interest and excitement increased by an infinite quantity!

The 5000 + patrons in attendance salivated, in ecstatic limbo as Hollywood and The BEAST stood up to contest, what was now the main event. I was told earlier, that an axle yielded under The BEAST’s extreme duress and as such the machine was sidelined. But, with the requisite repairs effected, the machine was fit and ready to shred opponents.


Larry Henriques bellowed respectfully and everyone except the drivers and their machines, left the grid. The machines rolled off behind the pace car. Dover had an effervescence that only pressurized carbonated beverages could replicate!

In an earlier blog, I suggested that Doug Gore had a lot to prove. We were about to begin that chapter.

The machines crept gingerly up the gentle rise to begin the START-FINISH straight. Nerves everywhere were in disarray! The machines thundered by timing and scoring, but, apparently the formation displeased the Starter and to add further drama to the unfolding episode, the Starter displayed frayed nerves as well – he waved the checkered flag instead of the yellow flag! THE BEAST does that to individuals!

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  1. Lee says:

    That was a sloppy piece of writing more suited to a fa page for Doug Gore than to be associated with a respected brand at the Gleaner.
    The depiction aimed for painting a scene with words and ended up more awful fanboy-esque word salad.
    Mostly actual, this falls to the level of amateur porn writers in some seedy low rate tabloid.

    Another bone to pick: How can you with a credible note refer to repeat many-time champion and multiple track record holder [Kyle Gregg] as “rapidly rising megastar”?
    Please step away from the water you must be carrying. This may be a blog but the quality can still remain at a decent standard.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Lee. In an earlier blog, the following was stated – Life is a permanent classroom. Show love, exercise caution, think more, speak less and refrain from actions which create negative outcomes. Difficult, but try.

    I will take two teaspoons of that medicine before I respond to your comment.
    I would have preferred if you had identified the specific aspects of the “sloppy piece of writing” which led you to determine that the content was “more suited to a fa page for Doug Gore”.

    I will address “another bone to pick” first. In the blog DOUG GORE HAS A LOT TO PROVE…..Part 2 the following was stated –

    The Radical’s reliability and Kyle’s consistency allowed him to emerge as a valid, legitimate contender for championships. Kyle was forceful in the execution of his duties and the machine, an eager participant, complied with a victor’s pride. Several championships later, Monday, April 22nd marks the first Round of the 2019 season, Kyle is ready to Beat and Teach!

    So, I am fully aware of Kyle’s accomplishments. But, Lee, focus on the word megastar. Kyle, whether you chose to accept it or not, is not yet at the level of a David Summerbell Jr (who was referred to in an earlier blog as “Dover’s ONLY King), or a Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore. Those two gentlemen are icons of the sport – they are megastars! Kyle Gregg is climbing that ladder – he is not there yet.

    I was at Dover on April 22nd and I am certain you were there as well. Are you of the view that the massive crowd that you saw there had nothing to do with the fact that Doug Gore was ready to wage war? I was on the grid when The BEAST rolled out as well. Are you suggesting that there was zero impact, when it became clear that The BEAST was rolling out to race? Incidentally, ‘Monti’ who you know very well commented when he saw The BEAST coming out – even his excitement was evident! Sorry ‘Monti’. We are all fans of this sport.

    Lee, I will close by saying this, if to give credit where credit is due and to tell a story, as I saw it, based on the evidence on-track, creates a “fanboy-esque word salad”, I am guilty as charged, but proud with that guilt!

    A popular host has the habit of saying – you are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. I think I have remained respectful.

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