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Barbados is home to a bevy of rapid machines. One such machine was said to be the most rapid of the lot – Roger Mayers’ Ford Focus. In a conversation I had with Stephen Gunter, he suggested that the machine was indeed a scotch bonnet!

We have always wanted to see that machine ripping laps on our 1.6, but that pleasure, like wealth, was reserved for a chosen few. Lol.

Could Doug Gore’s machine, when properly sorted, rise to the demonic level that Roger Mayers’ machine achieved?

Focus son!

It was D-Day for Doug Gore and his BEAST – again – lol. The Carnival of Speed, April 22nd, provided the stage for Doug Gore to announce his return to winning ways. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was operating at a blisteringly fast level, but gremlins forced him aside in his first race. An alien to Jamaican soil, but piloting the LueBoyz Radical, The Kristian showed his intent with an early victory. ‘Wings’ Myers stood guard. It was a formidable Radical trio. The BEAST was called out. It was a Radical challenge!


The first attempt to begin Race 2 saw no green flag, but that was after the boisterous machines exploded along the start-finish straight! The pace-machine collected the unruly bunch – reset engaged – Dover exhaled. Conversations multiplied everywhere.

The bodies at the fence in the paddock were stacked 4-5 rows deep! Daring youngsters were standing on the ledge above the pit-bays. David Summerbell took his spot in the VIP section – all eyes were glued to the track as the machines made their way around the 1.6 contemplating their imminent blast into the unknown.

It was evident that The BEAST’s trump card was – its yet to be seen in competition – brutal acceleration. Everyone knew Doug Gore’s game plan and the fact that he was starting from behind the Radicals made it even more crucial for warp-speed to be his ace in the deck.

Was the machine ready though? Was the driver ready?

When he was leaving the grid, Raj was overheard saying (to Doug) – “Warm up the brakes and tyres”. Were they ready to attack 3 Radicals and corner 1 all at the same time? The machines were climbing the hill leading to the start-finish straight again.

The progression of the machines was not muted. It was metallic harmony. Wailing combustion, but with rigid purpose. From my vantage point, I was not at liberty to observe the machines as they presented themselves to the starter. But, as they huffed by timing and scoring, I could clearly see the starter furiously whipping the green flag.

Everything in reality was wrapped in innumerable expressions of delight as the race got underway. Dover was immersed in speed’s orgasm! The machines – warring factions – adopted the poise of a blur – they were atrocious, self-serving speed beings – chewing Dover’s aging surface to secure decisive acceleration! Kyle was a speed-bully!


First to Corner 1 was the aim. The BEAST was a Seal Team 6 operative! I heard it, saw it, watched it and then was frightened by it. The Radicals were not intimidated. They were not willing to succumb to The BEAST’s assault. The machines darted in different directions. Were the overtaking lanes blocked? There was no clear path for the BEAST?


Doug Gore was trapped in loser’s land, he was at the hillside rock-face. A gap appeared? A daunting proposition materialised. Time and the weight of the moment did not allow wisdom to deliver a lecture. Doug’s only choice, in his view, happening at the speed of the Radical’s sound eluding him, was accepted without hesitation.

The BEAST, in a bid to pass one of the Radicals, got extremely close and personal with the imposing hillside rock formation. The gap, if there was any, was microscopic! Vegetation – grass entered the equation immediately. There was contact? No evidence. It was all happening too fast.

The BEAST ended its brief relationship with traction and adhesion. We saw an unintentional lurid, careening slide which resulted in The BEAST, embarrassingly, facing the wrong direction along the start-finish straight. The Radicals were not concerned. Led by Kyle’s audacity, they gleefully greeted Corner 1 and like marauding pirates they raced to the next corner to resume the plunder!

Dover was locked in an ocean of  battling voices. A popular TVJ sports personality came rushing from where the video-camera was mounted – “Doug Gore have too much to prove. Doug Gore have too much to prove!” – he exclaimed repeatedly. Did he read the blog?

In a rather brief instant we got a glimpse of the acceleration capabilities of The BEAST. Is it enough to slaughter Kyle and the Radical gang? Definitely not! A complete package is required to climb that Mt Everest!

At the Carnival of Speed we did not see an all conquering BEAST. Doug Gore is fully aware that he has work to do. His reputation is on the line. He knows this.

How serious is Doug Gore about defeating Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg?

Doug Gore and the BEAST were at Jamwest, without delay, after the exercise at Dover on April 22nd!

The next bout is scheduled for May 26th at  Jamwest Speedway. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg will be ready! Will Doug be ready?

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