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Two defeat-defying miracles in two days in UEFA Champions League, prove that even when hope is absent, it is not entirely lost. No one who understands the beautiful game and the concept of total football would have predicted that Liverpool could silence Barcelona fans, by overturning a 3 goal deficit to a squad which is led by, arguably, the game’s greatest player of all time. And if that was not enough, Tottenham went to Johan Cruyff’s home and capsized Ajax’s winning ship with a gritty, never-say-die performance.

Are we about to witness a similar occurrence in Formula 1?


If someone told you at the beginning of the season, that after 4 rounds, Ferrari would be nursing multiple wounds and recovering slowly from injuries received, courtesy of Mercedes AMG F1 ripping to four 1-2 finishes, you would have suggested a visit to a psychiatrist!

Ferrari was ticking the appropriate boxes in preseason activities and the writing on the track spoke highly of Ferrari’s prospects. But, reality had a different design sheet. Mercedes AMG, operating at an extremely high level, went about their F1 2019 business in a cunning, decisive way, winning without pause, while Ferrari resided in a defeat-infested house of errors!


Ferrari has shown that the pace of the machine is not in doubt, but the other aspects of the winning formula have eluded them thus far. In Charles Leclerc, Ferrari has a unique challenge. I am not certain that Ferrari is fully equipped to lead him along a world championship path. He might have to arrest the prancing horse and force it to adhere to his desire.

In lead-driver Vettel, Ferrari is forced to contend with uncertainty – you just do not know what he will deliver.

But, miracles are in the air. Spain offers a track which favors Ferrari. Can Ferrari get their act together and put an end to Mercedes’ dominant performance thus far? Leclerc was destined for great things in Baku, but a collision of factors derailed his bid. Will he win in Spain?

Bottas, the revised edition, is becoming rather prolific at maintaining his new found stance. Will he continue his winning ways? Five-times and defending world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is not known for disappearing when a fight appears. On the contrary, he relishes the opportunity to glow above his peers. Lewis’ game face will brimming with formidable determination. What will he deliver in Spain?

Races lost cannot be regained. Ferrari has to act quickly if they intend to mount a serious challenge to their arch-rivals.

The miracle is on its way? Will Ferrari win in Spain?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. MJ says:

    Mr Munroe, do you wish to change this headline after watching qualifying?

  2. cmunroe says:

    MJ, hailings! No sir. I will not change the title. Lol. If you read the blog – slowly – you would have noticed that I asked the question – Will Ferrari win in Spain? So, the title grabbed your attention and in the blog I asked the question. And with all the sporting miracles flying around – Feerari might just grab one! Its Formula 1 – anything is possible!

  3. MJ says:

    Yes, this week we have seen some great comebacks but let’s see what Ferrari has up their sleeves. Bottas has been a monster and I don’t expect anything from the Ferraris.

  4. cmunroe says:

    If after 4 races, a team has secured 4, 1-2 finishes, it would be safe to conclude that the team is firing on all 4 cylinders. Mercedes is the team to beat. We can forget all the preseason drama now. Ferrari’s house is in disarray and the team is busy digging it’s own grave by trying to stifle Leclerc. Ferrari has nothing up it’s sleeve. We can only hope for a glitch in Mercedes’ winning matrix or a Hellboy attack from Leclerc! We wait.

  5. Datrock says:

    Suprise. Mercedes 1-2 again at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Still wondering when either Ferrari or Red Bull will win. But i think its just a matter of time for them to get that first win and then we’ll see this drivers championship really heating up. The good thing is that the wins are split between Lewis and Bottas, so there is no runaway leader.

  6. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Datrock! The fact that miracles were floating around I was hoping that one would fly Ferrari’s way

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