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So, when I was leaving my humble abode, BET was ripping a popular hip hob/R&B ‘chune’. When I returned, hours later, the same hip hop/R&B ‘chune’ was flirting – again – with the atmosphere. Here is the icing on the cake though – one of the first lines in the ‘chune’ – Fat Joe says – “It’s like deja vu”. [The song is a Fat Joe, Chris Brown and Dre joint - Attention]

There are moments when individuals are presented with extravagant gifts and they dive in a loss for words trance, as they attempt to express gratitude. Fortunately, when similar gifts appear in motorsports, we fight no losing battle. We simply acknowledge, embrace the thrill attached to each exhilarating performance and wait patiently for the next opportunity to witness greatness on display.

Marc Marquez is no ordinary MotoGP rider. Marquez is a phenom with exploits so mind-boggling, he would be comfortable on Asgard! Marc Marquez has won all that MotoGP has to offer and he is the current defending World Champion. The experts will tell you that one of Marc’s unique qualities is his ability to wring victorious performance, consistently, from a machine that, at times, is neither the best nor the quickest at the specific circuit.

If he is allowed to grab his rhythm at the head of the pack, a few laps is all he needs to pull his most notorious stunt – disappearance!

Riders on similar machines tell a glaring story. Former World Champion, Lorenzo, is Marc’s current team-mate. Lorenzo is still headlining the and-in-other-news segment, when the race ends! Harsh, but true.

Marc bit asphalt – read crashed dramatically – in the USA GP recently, but he has not looked back since, only to check how far ahead he is! Lol.


Marc Marquez is currently 26 years young. The current crop of youngsters on the grid are not short of talent or ability. They will close that gap – eventually. Do you remember when Rossi was king? At present, Rossi holds relevance courtesy of his sheer riding ability and his massive fan-base. Nothing lasts forever.

Be thankful. We are witnessing, arguably, the G.O.A.T. on a MotoGP machine.


And in France………


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