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So Raheem Sterling’s new deal at Manchester City will see him earning up to 300,000 British pounds per week! Where was parental career guidance when I needed it? Lol!

The drivers who will be wrestling at Jamwest Speedway, this Sunday, at the Circuit Wheels on Fire event will be earning nothing similar to Raheem’s bounty, but what they will deliver to their loyal fans will be worth significantly more than that which Raheem Sterling can add to his account!

Preparations are in high gear for the 2nd event on the 2019 circuit racing calendar and if the trend established by the season opener at Dover Raceway is maintained, Jamwest will be see a rollicking, pulsating and adventurous affair!


Tales of Doug’s BEAST pummeling the dyno have surfaced. We were told that new restraints were required to subdue the BEAST during its rolling road test! I had a rather informative conversation with Raj Jadusingh re the BEAST at the launch of the Circuit Wheels on Fire.

If what he revealed is accurate and I have no reason to doubt his account, the BEAST is really just that – a BEAST! The torque figures are frightening. But, will Doug be able to harness the abundant ferocity and collect victory?


Jamwest Speedway provides the ideal platform for the Radical to excel. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg will be in familiar territory. He has far more experience at Jamwest with his machine, when compared to Doug and the BEAST. Kyle does not do mistakes. He is consistent. He is quick. And his machine, for the most part is reliable – not bulletproof – but reliable.

Doug should drink a tall glass of patience before he attacks and brakes for corner 1 at Jamwest. I hope he takes my advice! No more being surprised by the closing rate of your Czech-built monster, triggering a spin-out sir!


But wait, there is more. Doug is not the only ambitious foe chasing Kyle. He is the most famous of the lot and as such he will be the king crab in the barrel. If we use the Dover scorecard and we foresee no changes in the line up, Kyle will be fully aware of the Clear and Present Danger presented by the LueBoyz and their Trinidadian assassin.

And if that was not enough, KFC’s Hot and Spicy Wings will be flying in to hasten Kyle’s demise. ‘Wings’ Williams is getting comfortable with the machine. Kyle will have a lot more than fries on his plate to deal with!


An interesting rivalry emerged at Dover in April. Sheldon Morgan’s name came to the fore in April. Sheldon competes with an early edition EVO. Alan Gordon’s participation in April stirred interest because of his Jamwest connection and also because of the fact that he now pilots an EVO X that was previously owned by Doug Gore. Alan is rather young, but at 15 years old, he has already proven that he is made up of trophy-grabbing material!

At Dover Raceway in April, in the first race involving Alan and Sheldon, Alan blazed a victorious trail. He won. Sheldon’s machine succumbed to gremlins. In the second race, intrigue intensified. Alan was  leading, comfortably, while Sheldon remained industrious scything his way forward.

The commentator kept the massive crowd informed about Alan’s position and Sheldon’s rate of progress. Sheldon eventually got to striking distance of Alan, but we were denied of the opportunity of seeing the ‘ataclapse’. Gearbox issues caused a dramatic DNF for Alan. Sheldon claimed victory.

So, to date, we have not seen the conclusion of a Sheldon vs Alan battle. I spoke to Alan. He stated that the machine was ready – gearbox drama resolved. When asked what should his fans expect on Sunday, Alan responded – “As usual, to stay ahead of the pack”. Alan Gordon is ready. Alan plans to win. I am certain Sheldon will have something to say about that.


Jamwest Speedway – Circuit Wheels on Fire – Sunday, May 26th!

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