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Charles Leclerc was at home. We were hoping that the comfort that being at home provided would have stimulated a clinical performance. But, Ferrari being Ferrari, they had to manufacture their own demise – before the race began!

Can anyone explain succinctly what happened re Charles Leclerc during qualifying? Several inexplicable decisions made thus far, point to managerial blunders at Ferrari which someone must be held responsible for.


Suffice it to say, qualifying is of extreme importance at Monaco because the world’s most expensive city does not cater to multiple overtaking opportunities. The Mercedes-boys were on point though and the revised Verstappen made it abundantly clear that his team was ready to usurp Ferrari’s relevance in the pecking order – P3! Vettel was P-4.

Defending World Champion Lewis Hamilton is The Executioner when summoned. And Bottas’ stance in 2019 has forced Lewis to have his guard up at all times. We are certain Lewis was not anticipating that his most lethal foe would reside in his garage!

Hamilton made the requisite adjustment though and in Monaco, his attitude at the start was devoid of folly – immediate speed!


Hamilton led from Lap 1, but the road to P1 was disfigured by cavern-like potholes! Leclerc fought his destiny but destiny won. He was forceful, but at Monaco the bully is often times bitten by the track – a barrier retaliated. His race did not improve thereafter – eventually retiring – DNF.


A minor fracas involving Verstappen and Bottas in pit-lane led to Verstappen gaining track position behind Lewis, who was clad in less than ideal tyres.

Verstappen despite being given a time-penalty was in Dracula-mode though – chasing blood! Lewis was a tangled mess, ranting and complaining to his team. I would argue though that his behavior shows the intense burn for victory he maintains despite his title-haul.

Verstappen was a hound and Hamilton was forced to exhaust his bag of tricks to remain ahead of Red Bull’s terrier! Verstappen went to Everest and back in search of a Stealth-bomber move and when he finally launched his missile, Hamilton was perfectly placed – despite contact -  to deflect and remain ahead.

On the weekend after the passing of one of F1′ legends – Niki Lauda – Lewis Hamilton was forced to deliver a championship drive and that he did – P1! Vettel benefited from Verstappen’s aggression in the pits – P2 – Bottas suffered – P3.

So a collision was necessary to disrupt Mercedes’ 1-2 run. It is evident that Ferrari is wandering in an immense wilderness – clueless. Leclerc must be considering his future. Verstappen should be emboldened after his Monaco performance.

A lot is on the table. Hamilton extended his lead in Monaco. Can anyone stop Mercedes AMG?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. MJ says:

    They can be stopped, but will they be? The only threat right now is Verstapen in his honda powered unit. Ferrari needs to do some deep retrospection, at the break and try to launch a comeback then, hopefully it wont be too late.

  2. cmunroe says:

    MJ, prior to the beginning of the season, Ferrari was setting the place alight with furious pace. The fact that absolutely nothing victorious has materialized from the obvious promise, speaks to an implosion within the Prancing Horse outfit!
    Personally, I would love to see a rejuvenated Ferrari and the shackles removed from Leclerc. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a dogfight involving the Mercedes boys, Leclerc and Verstappen?

  3. MJ says:

    Yes, I would love to see the fight it would begin to get boring if Mercedes ran away with it. Canada is around the corner so let’s hope for some good racing.

  4. cmunroe says:

    MJ, honestly I do not think this will be a Mercedes running away with it year. At Mercedes itself, the norm exists no more. Bottas has finally found his cojones and has emerged as a legitimate threat for Lewis. And Verstappen? Verstappen is on a clearly defined path to greatness. He knows this and he is driving, despite being in an inferior machine, like a man who knows the world is there for the taking. So even when Ferrari resides in Wonderland, boring the season definitely will not be. And Leclerc will win a GP this year! We watch. We wait. Lol.

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