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Words I was greeted with when I visited popular auto-electrician ‘Pampi’ recently. For myriad reasons, reasons which would validate his exclamation, I searched for no basis upon which disagreement could be advanced.

The circuit racing season-opener in April, held at Dover Raceway, lit an exciting fuse. Doug Gore’s expected challenge did not materialize, but we got a mouthwatering glimpse of the potential that resided within the BEAST. We salivated. It was felt that the meal would be delivered at Jamwest.


At Dover Raceway, the LueBoyz imposed victory-snatching sanctions on champion-driver Kyle Gregg. Like a snow leopard, Kristian Boodoosingh’s approach was drama-free, silent, but deadly. We were expecting the sequel at Jamwest.


Jamwest’s son – Alan Gordon – jumped aboard the Dover train and was immediately challenged by seasoned campaigner Sheldon Morgan. The foundation was laid for a thrilling duel involving both drivers, but mechanical glitches postponed the bout. We were anticipating the face-off at Jamwest.

Essentially, fans of the gear-shifting, foot-flat, pedal to the metal derby, were anticipating raging rivers of adrenaline at Jamwest on May 26th! As the day neared though, the weather dampened expectations.

A social media post bearing the name Ian Wright, conveyed alarm and dismay re the weather forecast for the race- weekend. And if the forecast was accurate we were assigned a rather wet time. Our fingers and umbrellas were crossed!

What we did not account for though, was the fact that God loves motorsports! If Saturday (May 25th) provided any insight into Sunday, May 26th, Jamwest was scheduled to be inundated! But, faith we retained and the miracle was delivered!

Overcast skies presided over the day’s events, but precipitation was confined to a dry jacket. And what an atmosphere of tropical bliss it provided!

As if they recognised the narrow window of opportunity the cessation of showers provided, both the organisers and the race-car drivers and their teams operated at an elevated level in terms of remaining on schedule and the drivers, especially the contingent from the West, delivered spectacular performances, which resulted in infectious waves of unrestrained pleasure invading the stands which lined the start-finish straight.

There were multiple stories of excellence and innumerable occasions which saw drivers, like arsonists, setting the place ablaze!

The tales will be told. Who should we begin with though? Boodoosingh? Was Kyle Gregg forced to nibble some humble pie? Jamie James misspoke during an interview. How did his ‘blended’ Evo perform? The young guns were out in full force – they shelled Jamwest! But they deserve their own blog. And what about Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore? Where was he? A name-change for the BEAST?

Circuit Wheels on Fire was the type of event that would force you to go to the supermarket and sell the owner some groceries! It was that good!

Were you there? Who was the driver of the event?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner -On-Line Writer

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