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Did you watch the Champions League Finals? I am willing to suffer the consequences for my words but such is life. The fact that the finals was contested by two teams from England – an all-English finals – I was expecting no sustained fireworks.

There is just something about the Spanish teams. Vanquished they were, yes, but still. And after Spurs extracted Ajax’s heart, do you think it was fair to have the player who was described by the manager as the superhero of that victory, sidelined? And Kane started ? Justice served!

Competitors and fans have different perspectives when they are at the track. And they should. Drivers and their team members are aware of the classes that the various machines compete in and as such, they manage their race accordingly.

So, despite the fact that 10 or more machines are on the track, a driver might really only be concerned with the 4 drivers who are in his class. That awareness allows him the liberty of choosing who he wrestles with and who he willingly yields to.

I have observed and learnt, that the average fan, for the most part, is ignorant of class designations and quite frankly does not care. They are at the track to see their driver perform. They are at the track to see their driver rise to the occasion, shift like a boss, ”pass some bwoy and win d race!”

Do you want to see fans going berserk while struggling to stay attached to their imploding sanity? You should have been at Jamwest!


In a MP race, a child of the West’s soil, Jamie James, was at the back of the pack. Jamie James has a slew of critics who have a tendency of berating him -  suggesting essentially that he should be accomplishing much more with his high-horsepower monster. In the build-up to the event, Jamie appeared rather cocky in interviews, belittling his rivals and suggesting that Kyle Gregg was his only valid rival.

On race-day Jamie’s presence in the MP races meant that he would avoid the Radical challenge. But, fans would not care. What they saw was Jamie James at the back of the pack, in a race with packed grid of machines.


I heard an eruption of voices, screaming, shouting, and a blend of sounds, all signalling a collision of euphoric moments. What was unfolding? I grabbed a better vantage point. My wait was brief. The child of the soil – Jamie James – was 1G-deep in exactly what fans came to see. James who began in the far reaches of the pack, was like the only cashier at the tax office on the last business day of the month – he was busy!

You did not need to see the on-track event. Each time another victim felt the Evo’s humiliating wrath, the crowd exploded. And when his machine rev, popped and crackled along the start-finish straight, in pursuit of fresh meat, pandemonium became the new norm at Jamwest.

As stated earlier, no one cared that his machine, was a combined harvester among cane-cutters. The fans were trapped in the pulsating tempo of each sequential shift. And with each boost-laden lap Jamie James stalked and eventually claimed victory.

Jamie James at Circuit Wheels on Fire, in the eyes of the packed Jamwest stands, was on the warpath with a single mandate – victory. The path demanded, patience, restraint but timely decisiveness And as if to appease the fans Jamie navigated a carefully calculated path which not only earned him victory but he gained the respect which has escaped him  for some time now.

Jamie James a big driver!

What do you think? Were you there? Did you see his performance?

Don’t worry, 876 Streets have you covered!


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