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Jeffery Panton – we are with you. Hoping for nothing but the best.

Circuit racing drivers, when these words were assembled, were making that proud strut to collect their silverware, symbols of their achievement at Circuit Wheels on Fire.


Based on the happenings at the Carnival of Speed and the expected clash involving Alan Gordon and Sheldon Morgan that was postponed due to an invasion of mechanical disharmony, Circuit Wheels on Fire, like politicians, promised a bountiful haul. I was obligated to contact at least one of the protagonists.

When I spoke to Alan, prior to the event, he indicated that the machine was ready and he intended to remain ahead of the pack – suggesting that his rival – Sheldon – would be confined to what was left after he (Alan) won. Lol.

When I arrived at the track it was a beehive of activity. A race was in progress and the other monsters (race-cars) were chilling in the paddock awaiting their shot at glory. It was not long before Alan Gordon and Sheldon Morgan’s numbers were called (for Race 2 – I did not see Race 1).

Jamwest, when Alan appeared at centerstage, was transformed into an afternoon at ‘The Office’ during the Reggae Boyz’ successful World Cup qualifying campaign! Nervous excitement escalated. Anticipation soared. Expectation multiplied exponentially.


Alan, on the grid, was ahead of Sheldon. The pace car did its job and departed. Mayhem would not be subdued by the roaring crowd – it was ready. Some time after the machines exploded to an intriguing start, Alan disappeared. Sheldon was alone. Clouds of ignorance hovered over Jamwest. Where was Alan? What? Were we witnessing a repeat of Dover?

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