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It became clear eventually that Alan was no longer a part of the race and when his machine was returned to the pits it was evident that there was work to be done. Fans – denied. Fans – dejected. Fans – hopeful that Alan and the Evo X would return to track.

At Dover, Sheldon chased Alan. The Evo X, when Sheldon’s pressure intensified, hurled the white towel – DNF! Sheldon basked in the glory. At Jamwest, Alan’s team performed surgery and the machine, ready to reclaim dominance, stepped to the grid when it was summoned, yet again for another Evo battle. Jamwest held its breath – again.

This encounter was different though. Sheldon was in his typical no nonsense mood. He was P1 and his machine was singing a spine-tingling wastegate-bred note. To the neutral, it was combustion-music. It was therapeutic. It justified the price of admission. It was motivating. It was an erotic, thrilling aural assault – all wrapped in an intoxicating sauce.


But, that was only a small part of the story.  Alan, on his track, before his people, was in relentless, driven pursuit. Westmoreland’s pride was being threatened. Alan was their warrior. He was Zero Dark Thirty material. John Wick in an Evo X! Focused and ruthless.

Jamwest was on the verge of an apocalyptic implosion. Sheldon employed his karting repertoire. He was immovable. Alan would not disappear. His presence was like the spring – constant! Still there. And with each assault at the final corner, before Alan’s tortured accelerator lit the boost-inspired fuse along the start-finish straight, the crowd descended into a mindless spring-break Negril-style frat party!


Alan’s persistence knew no pause. Driven by his massive home support, we were expecting what became the inevitable. But with Sheldon’s defence appearing impenetrable, where would it come? How would Sheldon react/defend? Would both machines trade paint/ fenders?

As the laps dwindled the machines remained glued around Alan’s track – rarely exceeding a car-length. Desperation was rapidly approaching. The Evos slowed, as they must, they crept by the media tower and positioned themselves for the brief, but crucial run to the final corner.

It was in that moment it happened. Jamwest was not prepared.

Was something wrong with Sheldon’s machine? Did he have a lapse of concentration? Did he succumb to the Evo X’s wrath. Did he make an error?

Truth be told, the fans -  who were trapped in adrenaline’s asylum, buried in a lake of ecstasy, lost in the drunken stupor, a product of the incomprehensible collision of gratifying stimuli – were not interested in the explanation.

But forced to believe their eyes – they saw Alan, who was seconds prior, separated from his arch-rival by mere millimeters, pull what became in my view, the second best pass of the event.

Alan was perfectly positioned, Sheldon less so . Approaching the final left turn before rocketing on to the start-finish straight, Sheldon possibly unconsciously veered right or was simply just a bit to the right and that was all Alan needed. An invitation on his track?

Alan’s reaction was immediate. In a vulgar, forceful display of commitment and confidence, he dived to Sheldon’s left, promoted himself to Sheldon’s door, stole the advantage, rounded the corner, exited ahead of Sheldon and blasted along the start-finish straight – P1! Sheldon, struck by an Evo x’s tranquilizer was listless.

Chaotic, beverage-spilling, jubilant scenes invaded the adventure park!

Breaking News – Alan Gordon – a star on the rise!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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