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We were hoping that Vettel qualifying on pole for the Canadian GP, was the long lost signal for the start of Ferrari finally mounting a valid challenge to what has been absolute dominance by Mercedes AMG. Vettel was beside himself with relief and unrestrained joy when he realized he had beaten Lewis and the Mercedes boys at a game which they usually execute with a neurosurgeon’s precision. Saturday was Vettel’s day, he truly deserved his moment of happiness.


On race-day Vettel and Ferrari revealed more – of the seldom seen in 2019 – Ferrari magic. The machine was fast, but the chase was on. If nothing else is known about Lewis Hamilton, this is – he never gives up and he will fight until the flag intervenes. He did that in Canada. And after biting into Vettel’s advantage and reducing it significantly, he settled into predator mode.

Vettel had no option but to keep the hammer down and that he did until he pulled his usual stunt. Every lap is important, but at the Canadian GP, Lap  48 earned special mention. The Ferrari stepped-out at the corner 3-4 chicane, went to pasture and abruptly rejoined the track, forcing Lewis to take evasive action to avoid both the Ferrari and the wall.

We are all fully aware of what constitutes a racing incident and in some disciplines, for example, World Rallycross and NASCAR, some elements of bare knuckle, bruising racing are still retained. But, Formula 1 travels with its own idiosyncrasies, rules and penalties. We do not agree with all of them. Our agreement is dependent on which driver is penalized. Lol.


For his part in the incident, Vettel was given a 5 seconds time-penalty which led to Lewis being awarded victory even though Vettel won on the track. Vettel’s behaviour on the radio and after the race should surprise no one. And I am certain he is fully aware that his puerile tactics, including removing the #1 sign from where it was placed in front of the Mercedes and placing it in front of the Ferrari, would not enhance his position.

I understand, however, how he must feel, bearing in mind the promise that preseason testing presented and the massive burden he must now carry. But, the 4-times World Champion must recognise that he continues to drive along the ‘mistake’ road. And until he addresses his propensity for manufacturing mistakes, he will continue to watch Lewis Hamilton, or someone else, lifting the main trophy he seeks!

What do you think?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Mo Vee says:

    To win by any means possible, you must accept that penalties are around the corner. Cause and effect

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Mo Vee! Can you imagine how frustrated Vettel must feel at this time? To qualify on pole must have been a massive boost for him. And then to see him lose the race in the manner he did. I will say this – given the same scenario, most drivers would do exactly what Vettel did to preserve the lead. The only difference though is that the drivers who are at the top of their game would rarely make the mistakes we see Vettel making rather frequently.

  3. reticent says:

    I think the race is not for the swift. Roll on, Lewis and Mercedes!!

  4. Omari Taylor says:

    Vettel always crack under pressure and deserve that five second penalty. This is the second time this season alone he cracked and lost the race.

  5. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Reticent! The race is might not be for the Swift, but on Sunday it was for the Ferrari – until Vettel intervened. Lol. Which is more exciting? Watching Lewis win, without a fight or watching him forced to drive the wheels of the machine in order to escape and beat his rivals.

  6. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Omari! A friend of mine, when talking about the race last night said – “Pressure buss pipe!” He was referring to Vettel’s trek into the grass etc. And just reflecting on the insanity he displayed after the race, bearing in mind that it is now abundantly clear that he did attempt to block Lewis’ – you are forced to wonder about his mental state! Lol.

  7. MJ says:

    Will the real Sebastián Vettle please stand up. #thatisall

  8. cmunroe says:

    Hailings MJ! He is standing. The person we are seeing is the real Vettel. A very lucky driver who got a run in a superior machine and won multiple championships before the others caught up!

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