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It is said that over 500 million straws are used in the USA daily. Yes 500 million!

So, on Sunday – June 9th we passed through Team Streetz’ dexterity event – Asphalt Assault – which touched down at the Catherine Hall Sports Complex in Montego Bay. Years ago, Montego Bay played host to some insane motorsports events.


Memory can easily extract images of Ironshore sprint events. Mo’Bay’s big guns – Doug Gore, Junior ‘Fletty’ Barnes, Richie Rerrie and others would occupy rarefied air and when shoved they would dismantle anyone who made an attempt to disrupt their dominance, in an event which displayed a seamless blend of brutal speed and skillful manipulation of one’s machine.

Scintillating fun was a permanent fixture, especially when the playboys from Kingston, including Jeffery Panton, would force Mo’Bay’s finest to dig into their bag of classified skills in order to maintain supremacy. Ironshore was the Las Vegas of sprint events!

That might have been a latent factor driving the desire to attend the dexterity. But, more specifically, the knowledge that Mo’Bay has, at present, a cadre of individuals who wield a massive beating stick when they strap into a RWD machine, provided more than ample encouragement to ensure our attendance.

With Rolex accuracy, we rolled in at the beginning of the first of three timed sessions for the drivers.  The bevy of RWD machines in luscious, battle-ready attire, indicated from the onset, that the scorching afternoon temperatures would bake scrumptious pastries – more mouthwatering donuts than the track would allow!

We were not disappointed.

It was evident, during the first timed session, that the drivers were getting acquainted with the track and introducing their machines to the technical and challenging layout that was presented. But we were dismayed.

I will say this now. Maurice Whittingham has been absent from the dexterity scene. There was a time when he was untouchable. And like ‘Addi’ – he was the ‘WURL BOSS’.

But, after his first run, the concern was audible. Both driver and machine appeared apprehensive. Nervous, hesitant, diffident. A rather distant, excessively far cry from the driver we expected. Who was driving? His brother? Was he rusty? Was the car protesting? A section of its exhaust dangling carelessly below the car, clanking at will, not interested in aiming for excellence. Fuming because it was neglected?

Did someone actually say that ‘Whitty’ was getting old? Suggesting that that would account for the shadow of the man that we saw. That was not ‘Whitty’!

Immediately after the first run,  the machine was hoisted, propped up and ‘Lenky’ asked to effect much needed repairs to the machine.

It was evident, however, that two major competitions were occurring simultaneously : 1) MoBay-bred drivers were engaged in a local derby and 2) a massive fracas unfolded – Kingston vs Mobay – A BAY TINGZ!


Ian Wright was fiery. In a vulgar, forceful manner, his machine, when subjected to an accelerator whip, engaged in snap-oversteering before sliding audaciously to the start-line. Explosive, he was,  even before the clock began! High on race gas!

Ian’s first run lacked nothing. His machine was beastly, but he restrained it, just enough to trigger celebratory eruptions when his time was announced – 1:17 was rocket fast for the first run.

But, Nicholas ‘TAZZ’ Barnes – the man who mutilated Lamar Larmond’s S2000-powered AE86 at Jamwest, was in the building. Was Ian Wright on the hit-list?

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