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Organ harvesting? Ok. The Girlz grabbed a goal!  We are happy!

One week and three days have elapsed since Bay Tingz. It quickly became a Mo’Bay vs Kingston affair. The Kingstonians were intruders and the Montegonians would not have it! The standoff resulted in intensified drama. Ian Wright, a stalwart in the RWD community hit the bull’s eye with a dynamic, brutish show, characterized by brawn, but rewarded with a stunning time. The largely local crowd erupted – as expected. Lol.


But, it was evident that his competition was twofold – home (Mo’Bay) and abroad – Kingston! Kingston was well represented, but Tim Duncan’s first run in the petite 1M was not comforting. Joel Jackson’s affair in the Silvia did not lift spirits either. Joel’s father saw enough. He was ready to leave. Surprising, it was, to those who heard. Was he disappointed with Joel’s run? Kingston was in trouble.

What was revealing though was the fact that innocuous machines, machines that would not spark an interest when seen at a dexterity or a drifting event, were completing the technical course in a respectable time. Who thinks Honda Fit or Toyota Corolla (FWD) when deciding to compete in a dexterity. No one!

But, at Bay Tingz, the usually mundane machines maintained a presence and even had affectionate references. A Corolla aka The Upsetter – which had a boisterous cheerleading army of one – fired a barrage of frightening shots at the RWD squad.


Where Ian was menacing and rambunctious, Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes was a graceful expression, fluid in his movement, precise in his execution and dominant in his showmanship. Think poetry aboard 2 lsd-controlled, time-shifting rear wheels. His first run – a 1:24.9 – despite manufacturing an explosion of frantic cheers, left room for improvement. Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey was consulted. A plan was formulated.

Mo’Bay, like Mandeville, is home to a thriving secondary industry. Both urban centers specialise in manufacturing RWD technicians! And at Bay Tingz, they were in the building to secure their city’s honor.


The son of circuit racing legend ‘Chippy’ Anderson,  Chris-John, stepped out and like THE HULK he left a trail of  devastation in his wake. Chris John is confident, bold, relaxed, a grinning image, even behind the wheel and when driving that red AE86, he is butter-smooth. Ballet on wheels. Figure skating in an AE86! His assault on the stop-watch halted its progression at 1:20.920. The ample crowd at Catherine Hall Sports Complex descended into deafening appreciation.

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